Beats By Dre Clean Homepage

Dr. Dre. You know the name, you know the artist, now make yourself familiar with Beats by Dre. An extensive collection of exquisite headphones and music accessories, you’re sure to find something you have to have!

A brilliantly enticing image of one of Beats by Dre’s latest products illuminates the home page as the very first thing you see. The vibrant red display is highly engaging, only added to the immediate button prompts to either buy or explore the product more. The instant design choice puts you in an engaging mood, pushing you to interact with the website right off the bat.

The feeling is only increased as you scroll further down the page. Featured products are listed against a pale grey backdrop. The crisp product images are contained and complemented by a white box. It’s a fantastic way to separate products from one another and guide you from product to product.

Beats By Dre Clean About Page

With the clear intention of keeping your focus on the product and shopping, Beats by Dre relies on a minimalistic approach to let you know a bit about the company and the project. A highly defined, black and white portrait of Dr. Dre fills up half the page and a stunning black vignette fades outward to create the black foundation you see. It’s a simplistic, but personalized way to introduce you to the man behind the company as you fall into reading the contrasting white words.

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Beats By Dre Clean Product Page

Indulge in a pair of headphones designed to make sure you hear every ounce of music put into each song by heading into Beats by Dre’s product pages. Take the time to investigate each pair for its fabulous details through the company’s choice to put a single product viewable with your every scroll. The white backdrop makes sure the beautiful product image is easily visible for all its details as it sits on half the page. Lined down the left of the page to follow your natural reading patterns, each product comes with a description. The description relies on the neat presentation of an easy to read list for you to learn about the product quickly and efficiently. The combination is effective in pulling your focus to a sole product to build your curiosity!

Beats by Dre creates a visually stunning user experience through the use of well-defined product photographs. Combined with a focus on organized presentation, the entire website provides a friendly and exciting shopping experience for anyone who visits.

Beats by Dre is a clean website design in the E-commerce & Retail, Entertainment and Technology industries.

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