Revelation Minimal Homepage

Revelation is a design studio whose services hinge on their continued creation of simple, sexy, and expressive logos and design. All of their projects depend on effective logos with unique design elements. For Revelation, it starts with the logo, and it ends with a digital experience that uses meticulous iconography to create impressive web experiences.

Their home page showcases Revelation’s mastery of logos and brands by providing a stripped-back, minimalist design. Very few elements hog the screen, and what can be seen serves as an icon of the studio's brand or one of their clients. Their site immediately begins with a portfolio, allowing users to start browsing their collection of logos right off the bat. This foregrounds the company’s allegiance to brand iconography, and the minimal interface magnifies the effect even more. Users aren't presented with much navigationally, but they are given a clear path forward through Revelation’s jungle of logos. The designer has constructed a UX that establishes Revelation’s brand as a logo creator.

Revelation Minimal Product Page

The midsection of the portfolio showcases Revelation’s primary navigational mechanic. As users descend through this dense gallery of panels, they can pass their mouse over the images and make their way to a page that elaborates on the impetus of the panel. This maintains the portfolio as the primary jumping-off point of the page. Whether you want to learn more about a specific project, learn more about the company, or visit their logo gallery, the images embedded in this vertical scroll are your gateways.

This continues to highlight the significance of Revelation’s iconographical work. Each project and page is accessed by a panel that displays a logo or other graphic representation of the content. To navigate the site, you have to browse through a hall of logos, until you find the logo that represents your destination. Here, the icon is king, and Revelation is king of the icon.

Revelation Minimal Website Design

Here, users view a page in the site’s logo gallery, a separate portfolio dedicated solely to the logos they've created in the past. On the home page, users could navigate and explore entire web projects, but here they can see Revelation’s logos with deliberate focus. Users can see the detail, expression, and craft that went into the design, proving Revelation’s brand promise of masterful iconography.

The power of this page comes from the sole fact that it exists. By having a specific space for examining logos, the designer has increased their importance to the company’s brand tenfold. As seen here, creating deliberate spaces within a site can foreground the importance of a specific element in a company’s list of services.

Revelation is a minimal website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.