Peregian Holiday Home Web Design

Standout Features:

  • Image-focused
  • Serif typography
  • Beige as an accent color

Peregian Holiday Home’s web design is an inviting and trustworthy display of the serene and modern ambiance.

Town and Country Web Design adorned this website with images showcasing the available accommodations. High-quality photographs highlight the comfort of the holiday homes and set potential guests’ expectations of what the property looks like in person.

The website's aesthetics are achieved through ample white space and serif fonts. This minimalist approach provides a clean and sophisticated look that aligns with the neat and modern spaces in the photographs.

The beige accent color adds warmth and vibrancy to the overall design, reminiscent of the beach’s sandy shores. These earthy hues are strategically placed to draw attention to critical elements without overwhelming the website design.

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