iFly50 Beautiful Homepage

Spectacular Imagery Leads Users Through the iFly50 Travel Website

iFly50 is a remarkable destination hosted by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. It’s a bold, inspiring and eye-catching platform that fuels the inner adventurer inside of you by showcasing 50 stunning travel destinations across the globe.

The website is bold, sleek, and imaginative with solid color backgrounds and high-resolution photography. There’s no space wasted on this site, each corner has a subtle function which makes navigating the sitemap, a cinch.

The homepage is a spectacular unification of photography and graphics. The countdown page leads to a female silhouette with a gorgeous waterfall view. The typography is bold, yet minimal.

Each page is a fullscreen module that is colorful and purposeful. No module is the same and can either be a still photograph, an interactive 360-panoramic interface or a real-time video.

This image-focused design captivates instantly. Each page is taken up completely by an image that highlights the destination at hand. It’s a smooth and stunning design that uses imagery to amaze.

Images have a fascinating way of grabbing attention. And they are more fluid and peaceful pieces of content to absorb. Users are more pleased to interact with images than text, and putting the focus of this design on photos and videos gives users a peaceful platform to interact with and learn from.

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iFly50 Beautiful Homepage

Dynamic Elements Add A Fresh And Modern Edge To The Site

Images make for an image-heavy design that peacefully leads users along their journey. But there’s also a dynamic element that adds a modern and exciting freshness that can’t be ignored.

As soon as the website opens up, a clock starts counting up to 50. This subtle, sophisticated and clean animation really helps bring excitement to the design, encouraging urgency and filling the user with a unique anticipation.

After this, there's movement present everywhere you look. A creative and captivating parallax scrolling takes users from destination to destination with ease. And handy instructions on the bottom of the page bounce to grab your attention and tell you how to learn more about each content module.

This movement really makes for a pleasing user experience, leading visitors more organically from module to module and filling them with just the right amount of inspiration and urgency to drive them to participate.

Movement is a powerful tool in web design because it takes a design from flat and static to in-depth and dynamic. And that not only grabs attention and keeps users interested, but it also gives your brand more of an authority and authenticity. It shows that you don’t just understand your industry but understand your consumers.

iFly50 Beautiful Website Design

iFly50’s Creative & Clean Website Layout Fills Users With A Sense Of Relaxation

The iFly50 website is unlike any other in its content offering. It’s not really selling anything or promoting brand identity exactly. It’s simply showcasing all of these wonderful destinations and celebrating the brand’s fiftieth edition of its magazine.

But unless you know KLM, you don’t know what this website is really all about.

And that’s alright in this design — because the creativity and the innovation infused into this platform stands on its own. It’s out-of-the-box and unique in its layout and organizational structure. And that gives it, its own personality that shines.

Navigating this website is simple and fun, creating a relaxing and airy journey for the user to embark on. Each destination gets its own module that sits as the entire screen. And subtle scrolling effects make moving from one destination to the next a vacation in and of itself.

Each travel module has a subtle call to action button in virtually every corner. For example, the bottom left corner has a ‘read more’ button which pops up a small blurb about the area. These simple markings enhance the user experience by allowing them to focus on the image in front of them.

But there is no rush or hurry here. It’s slow. It’s peaceful. It’s relaxing.

Ifly50 seems to appreciate the concept of time, not wasting it or speeding it up. The user interface is reflective of that as it gives users the option to scroll or go directly to the gallery. The gallery allows viewers to decide what and how they want to explore, giving them back the responsibility of time and space.

This experience is entirely that of the users. They can scroll and discover at their own leisure. And it makes for a travel platform that fosters an organic and very real wanderlust that compels them to book their next adventure.

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iFly 50 Fascinating Website Design

Limited Text Puts The Focus Of This Website On The Mesmerizing Destinations

Ifly50’s user interface design, spectacular images and remarkable animations will get any viewer to start planning their travel bucket list. The website’s innovative design focuses less on the content and more on the visual overtones.

Ifly50’s design team deserves a vacation to any one of these places. The entire site is fresh and enticing with simple imagery and very little content. The bottom right corner leads to KLM’s main page, however, it’s practically unnoticeable. Everything about this page is intentional and resourceful, which makes the overall website a pure masterpiece.

It’s simple and clean, putting the emphasis on these experiences and letting users create their own, spectacular adventures.

iFly50 Stunning Website Design

Voiceovers And Music Automatically Play Upon Landing On The Site, Offering More Context & Clarity To The Brand

Another exciting feature that makes this website pop is the auditory elements that auto-play when you enter the site.

This website is really trying to create a memorable experience, enticing all of your senses. And with music and clever voice-overs, this website really gives you everything you could ever want or need to know about these 50 spots.

Upon landing on iFly50, the page activates a voiceover that tells the viewer what iFly50 is all about without revealing too much. This ingenious clickbait tool entices the viewer to enter the site and eliminate time spent on the home page.

It also adds context, letting users know what this site and service is all about and what they can get out of it.

Ifly50 is a virtual brochure, accompanied by soft music that contributes to the ambiance of the site. Every destination module only uses a high-resolution photography or video in order to give viewers a crisp, sharp image and amplifying their perception and inquisitiveness about each destination.

But the music that plays in the background really solidifies the experience. It’s enchanting and serene. It puts you in a state of complete relaxation — like you yourself are actually sitting on these beaches and enjoying these tranquil destinations.

This makes for a more well-rounded online experience that stays with the user longer. Music makes an impact. And it’s used beautifully in this design.

iFly50 Creative Website Design

What Is iFly50?

iFly50 is a site that pays homage to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. It celebrates the fiftieth edition of iFly KLM’s travel magazine. It highlights 50 popular and enchanting travel destinations across the world.

The website also ran a travel sweepstakes that gave users the opportunity to win two tickets to any of the featured destinations.

This website stands as a phenomenal destination for all of your travel inspiration. It’s a bucket list of sorts, with each destination sitting as a reason for users to travel and explore the world around them.

KLM is the flag aircraft carrier in the Netherlands. It was founded in 1919, making it the oldest-running airline in the world today. And this prestige, honor and excellence are present in its online presence — from its original site to its accompanying platforms like the iFly50 website.

According to their home site:

Founded on October 7, 1919, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the oldest scheduled airline in the world still operating under its original name. In 2016, the KLM Group operated worldwide flights with over 200 aircraft, generating €10 billion revenues and employing 32.000 staff from its Amsterdam basis. From the core belief that our KLM people are our brand, we believe that we can make a difference by creating memorable experiences for our customers. This is in our DNA. Our genuine attention to our customers makes them feel recognized, at ease, comfortable and touched.

KLM is dedicated to quality, passionate and memorable services and experiences. And it aims to inspire around every corner.

iFly50 is a shining example of this ambitious spirit. And it aligns the brand as one that is a leader in the travel industry.

iFly Fun Website Design

This Innovative Digital Travel Destination Immediately Puts Users Into The Vacation Mindset

iFly50 is a powerful and robust platform with an ingenious layout and creative orientation that puts users immediately in the headspace to start traveling.

This comes from the stunning images and video that create modules, highlighting each of the 50 destinations. Limited text, intuitive navigation tools and subtle movement lead users on their journey, showing them destination after destination in an experience that is entirely their own.

Audio also plays, bringing this design full circle, adding context and providing clarity to the site and its purpose. But it also puts users at ease, giving them a platform to let their own wanderlust grow.

This design succeeds because of its creative, innovative and fun backbone. And it certainly shows consumers that its parent company, KLM, is in the business or memorable travel experiences.

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