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"Live like a native in Miami’s cultural center." - That’s Natiivo’s promise to its customers.

Natiivo Miami is a real estate company renowned for its urban luxury residences designed for modern buyers.

The brand combines homely warmth with sleek and high-end architecture - both of which are reflected in their web design.

The website's palette is muted, spanning across cool muted blues, chick black and whites and muted beiges for warm accents.

The think iconography and the strategic uses of thin lines as both static and animated design elements add to the high-end feel. 

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real estate design - Natiivo navigation

Natiivo’s Navigation Menu Is Simply Eye-Catching

Nestled discretely at the top-left corner of the page, the MENU button may be easy to overlook, but what it lacks in its static form, it makes up for once expanded,

The open menu spans half-way across the screen, leaving key imagery exposed on the right and revealing the menu options on the left.

The animated text in large fonts is both a statement piece and a smart way to highlight key information, enticing users to click through. 

real estate web page design - motion effects

The Motion Effects Are Everywhere Around, And With A Purpose

From the second visitors land on the website to the second they start scrolling down, different motion effects appear to grab their attention.

Clear and short calls to action (CTAs) form an arrow as they make a quick motion to catch the visitors’ eyes. They delight potential buyers and create moments that are human.

There are images being cut in half for small chunks of text to appear and educate the users about the hospitality brand.

These motion effects make the website interactive alluring visitors to take the desired action.

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Natiivo Real Estate (slide 4)

The Brand Uses Elegant Typography To Share Key Messages

From the letters in their logo and the navigation menu to the content throughout the landing pages, Natiivo Miami uses elegant typography to promote its services.

They only use several fonts, however, there is an excellent combination of small and big as well as bold and light letters.

The mix of larger and thicker headings with small paragraphs seeks attention and gives a luxurious look that gives the feel as if users are reading some fashion magazine.

Their playful design also increases the users’ attention span. It allows them to stay concentrated on the content and consume key messages efficiently.

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Natiivo Real Estate (slide 5)

Texts Placed On Residence Image Backgrounds Make The Readers Daydream

Natiivo Miami has combined high-quality image backgrounds of its building and combined them with pieces of text to describe its urban luxury residences for modern buyers.

This is an effective technique and selling strategy since it makes the visitors daydream about the place and picture themselves in their future home.

Natiivo real estate web design - contact form

The "Learn More" Button Sticks Out Like A Score Thumb On The Website’s Pages

Natiivo is pretty consistent in using its "Learn More" button. Centered on the left side of almost every single page, it entices visitors to get in touch with the brand.

When users click it, it turns grey and takes them to a short and simple contact form where both buyers and brokers can use to request more information about the residence.

Natiivo website design

What Makes Natiivo’s Real Estate Web Design Effective

Natiivo Miami’s website is everything except boring. Its gray and white backgrounds combined with gold-colored letters give the site a stylish and elegant look.

The playful navigation menu and clean CTAs combined with motion effects simply make the visitors stick longer on the website and take some of the desired steps.

This hospitality brand has incorporated elegant typography, residence images and lists with amenities that make the visitors dream about the place.

Natiivo has incorporated elements that increase the users’ attention span and keep them engaged.

What makes this real estate web design successful is also the never moving "Learn more" button that consistently stands where placed to entice the users to get in touch with the company.

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