Jackaroo Caravans Awesome Website Design

Jackaroo Caravans has been producing some of the best travel trailers in their field for quite a few years now. Their bold caravans are hard to miss, making them the best advertisement on wheels that the company could hope for.

While many single-page sites struggle to find a way to make their site “pop,” Jackaroo Caravans seems to have found the sweet spot for marketing and a great UX. By providing a well-laid-out site, they have created a very simple UI that leads visitors directly to each section through the links at the top of the page. 

Alternatively, users can scroll through the page manually if they wish and discover a full range of information to be gained from the site.

From the lovely gallery that features plenty of interior photographs to review to the “Features and Extras” lists that offer information on the design of the caravans, Jackaroo has covered every aspect of their sales list.

This simplicity of design creates two very important experiences for guests. 

First, they are able to find everything they need with minimum effort. In addition, they are able to efficiently contact the company for a quote on their chosen specs.

This provides a quick, easy, and methodical way of creating sales conversions, something that these types of sites excel at.

The color scheme of the site is something that really catches attention as well.

The bold pairing of colors draws the eye and it perfectly matches the brand logo, leaving guests with a clear memory of the experience.

By featuring one of their caravans in the photographs they have given guests a chance to see both the outside and inside features of the caravans and make note of their outstanding usability.

Seeing the caravan in a field speaks of durability, which is certainly an important feature when considering a caravan for wilderness travel!

Overall, the site has a great personality. The fact that they've managed to create a single-page site that offers a really great UX and effective UI is something to be noted, and we expect their sales conversion to be a shining example of what can be achieved with a simple site design.

Jackaroo Caravans is an awesome website design in the Travel industry.

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