SkyScanner Clean Homepage

SkyScanner offers some really great deals for people who wish to travel, especially those who want to travel at the last minute. Their website design is clean, easy to navigate, and offers links to several international site options for visitors to choose from if desired.

The layout of the landing page is very straightforward, with several links to navigate to your desired destinations. A cheerful color scheme suits the traveling mindset, keeping an upbeat feeling to the site as you select your desired options and peruse the offers available.

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SkyScanner Clean Navigation

The UI offers a great experience as well, as you are able to easily find destinations to research. The Results pages provide a large number of call to action buttons, which lead you to learn more about the location and pricing information. Finding everything in one place is convenient as well, giving users more opportunity to compare different options.

The bold, bright navigation menu at the bottom of the page also contains a great variety of links that allow users to learn more, which helps to extend the length of time they spend on the site.

This kind of user experience often leads to greater sales conversion, which is certainly a benefit of the site UI and UX. We expect to find this style on several promotional sites, as it is perfect for many brands like SkyScanner.

SkyScanner Clean Blog Site

Finally, the News section of the site gives you the chance to check out some great blog posts. Learn more about different traveling concerns, great locations, and even ideas for planning your next vacation. This lends itself to the design and intent very well, as potential customers are able to immerse themselves in one of their favorite subjects - traveling.

Overall, the bright, bold and clean appearance of the site is a great feature that many sites strive to achieve. Although it is minimal in terms of photography and illustration, it certainly meets the standards expected of a traveling site, and that is what is important when you need to convert visits to bookings.

SkyScanner is a clean website design in the Travel industry.

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