See Spark Box Colorful Homepage

If something is worth building, then the only way to do it is to do it right the first time. That is the approach See Spark Box takes with every project.

See Spark Box is a creative company with a focus on designing the best of the best websites and web applications. Thus, the company showcases their design skills well.

Hitting the homepage, potential clients are greeted by a calming blue negative space that becomes the building block of the company’s website.

The use of bold sans-serif fonts in coordinating blues and whites creates the foundation of colors across the entire website.

Accessible through the top of each web page, potential clients will find a right-aligned header menu. Page titles are evenly-spaced and presented in bold capitalized fonts for easy reading.

See Spark Box Clean Product Page

See Spark Box makes a variety of products they employ in their web design available for viewing by potential clients through their lab page.

The neatly-organized page is easy to navigate. Presented in an evenly-spaced grid format, each individual lab piece is defined with a light grey square and a blue and white icon. Icons are flat graphics with minimal detail.

A sans-serif font is used to give each lab piece a title as well as a brief description.

Keeping with the complementary color scheme of the website, the header of the page and the outside backgrounds are also blue and white.

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See Spark Box Clean Blog Page

See Spark Box creates a simple platform for potential clients to view the news articles and company updates they post on a regular basis.

Utilizing the universal website color scheme, the most recent article is placed at the top of the page within the dark header.

The remaining articles are listed beneath the header, surrounded by a lighter blue negative space.

Each article includes an image left-aligned down the center of the page as an introduction to the black header article title.

Each article is tagged based on the author who wrote the article with an underscore. Potential clients are able to click on the name to pull up all articles written by the author.

All in all, See Spark Box demonstrates their ability to create a top website design for clients by marrying modern design trends and intuitive navigation in their own web design. 

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