Proxem Amazing Homepage

Bright colors and unique animations greet you when you visit the Proxem website. The animation on the homepage is very clever as it relates to their area of business. Proxem operates a lot with data which certainly means many charts and reports. However, those aren’t an exciting introduction to a website. What Proxem has done is use a bar graph as inspiration to build a city. When the page first load, the skyscrapers and buildings rise from the graph-paper-like ground.

The bright colors are eye-catching and work with the corporate colors of Proxem. The white background makes the colors pop out even more while also giving the site, a clean, professional look. Proxem has done a fantastic job of balancing by putting forward a unique, interesting website while still keeping a professional tone.

Proxem Amazing Website Design

The animations between pages give the page some additional substance. Those minor details really help make websites feel higher quality when compared with websites that simply load the next page in a traditional fashion. In the “Services” tab, for example, visitors can hover over the “Studies” or “Support” sections. An illustration pops up and pushes down the text which becomes more visible as the text on the opposing side fades somewhat.

Each animation is subtle but shows that the website creators took a lot of time in caring for every small detail. If a visitor was a prospective client looking for a company to help with their data, they would appreciate knowing that Proxem is the type of organization that takes notice of the details.

Proxem Amazing Blog Page

Clicking on the blog tab reveals a bright, eye-catching image that fits with the rest of the theme of website. The color is consistent and the text is simple, but easy to read on the dark purple background. The fullscreen image shows that this isn’t a blog, like many other corporate blogs with simple links to their latest content. Proxem has clearly put a lot of thought in making their blog look as appealing as the rest of their website.

The Proxem website is a great example of how to use colors and animations on a corporate website while still staying true to a professional brand. The subtle details make the website feel substantial and almost luxurious.

Proxem is an amazing website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.