Sendai-Miyagi Great Homepage

Sendai-Miyagi is a product-based website that displays various foods, drinks, and crafts native to Sendai, Japan. The cultural-centered site works to bring awareness to locally created items in Sendai, thereby promoting native creations. After a brief, capturing clip that depicts gently waving strands of fabric, the landing page shows off many of the items promoted by the the site.

Upon entering the website through its domain address, the browser automatically translates everything from its original Japanese text to the language preferences of the user. However, consumers are given the option to revert back to the original formatting of the page.

Sendai-Miyagi Great Product Page

By clicking on any of the product clips on the landing page—more product clips are available by briefly scrolling down on the landing page, as well—consumers are able to access information about that specific item. The user is redirected to a fresh page where they are given minor information about the product, including anything from what it is, where to buy it, and a brief history of it.

Scrolling down allots the viewer the ability to see a variety of contact information for the product. Some items include a location address where a consumer can physically go to access the product, while offer hyperlinks to the website with the product.

The last segment of each product page includes a map where consumers can see where to find the product or store in Sendai.

Sendai-Miyagi Great Menu Design

Alternatively to clicking on random product clips on the home page, users can find a small icon on the left side of the screen where they can open up a sliding menu. This menu clearly defines the three main subpages consumers can access: “About Us,” “Selections,” and “Journal.”

From this sliding menu, users are able to directly contact Sendai-Miyagi through a modal window that opens up their personal email through the “contact” button. Additionally, consumers are able to follow hyperlinks to the company’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Sendai-Miyagi Great Website Design

Sendai-Miyagi’s “Selections” page displays all of the stores the website represents. By scrolling down, consumers are greeted once again by a map created through Google Maps that shows the stores in relative distance to one another.

By clicking on the colorful image picked to represent a store, consumers are able to access information about each store individually.

Sendai-Miyagi Clean Website Design

While Sendai-Miyagi utilizes a wide variety of color and clear images to show off products, the primary color scheme of the website relies heavily on red accents and large negative spaces. The red accents make the menu and the pages pop in the eyes of the consumers, while still maintaining a sleek and clean overall appearance.

Sendai-Miyagi is a great website design in the Arts & Recreation and Food & Beverage industries.