I Buongiorno Elegant Homepage

Known for its art, architecture, and fine dining, Italy has a long history of expressing the aesthetic in brilliant and beautiful ways. I Buongiorno is a line of Italian wines for those seeking that sense of luxury and quality in any social setting. The site gives users a splendid glimpse into available wine purchasing options, and it touches all the senses with finesse and elegance.

A white backdrop with a light watermark fills the space behind black-and-white portrait images of people from diverse eras. Uneven strips of vivid color reminiscent of an artist’s strokes splash life and beauty onto the stark canvas. Well-placed logos and navigation bars fill the header, while the eye is drawn to a bold dot of color centered on the page. Below, stylish details present the names and descriptions of the wine represented by the portrayed color. As users scroll horizontally, a classical tune fills the air. Viewers are led softly through a tour of fine wines sure to tempt the palette.

I Buongiorno Elegant About Page

Behind all of the wine and the company itself is a story of craft and care to create only the richest of flavors for an unforgettable experience. Users can learn more about the origins of these wines and their creators by interacting with their unique “About” page. Unlike the vertical scroll features that typify most site biographies, this site employs a storytelling concept to explain the history of these wines and how they came to such excellence. Scrolling horizontally takes users through a narrative with pop-up images and finely spaced text content explained in three separate “acts.” The experience draws visual and theatrical themes together in a clever and engaging way.

I Buongiorno Elegant Product Page

When users are ready to purchase wines, they will find this site unique from others. Clicking on any of the rich colors centered on the page brings users to an interactive interface that immerses them in a holistic experience of each type of wine. Just short of tasting the wine, the experience is tangible and enticing in every way. Scrolling through the wine samplings brings names, origins, and ages of each bottle into display. Precise and pretty descriptions give users a quick understanding of each wine before them, almost as if a server is standing at their shoulder and listing all the aromatic and aesthetic properties of each.

The dot grows larger as users scroll through the page, and it eventually drops behind an image of the bottle it usually fills. The rich color now tints over a third of the page, and it draws users to explore more detailed information that concerns the harvesting, sharpening, and form of livestock behind each wine. Users can download any of the descriptions to share them on social media. The accessibility and detail that elegantly describes each wine is sure to be appreciated by the finest of sommeliers.

I Buongiorno is an elegant website design in the Food & Beverage industry.