Indio Amazing Homepage

Indio is a whimsical music and game platform that allows music fans to participate in an online trivia game for the chance to win tickets to the Festival Vive Latino 2017 in Mexico City. In order to enter the site and play the game, contestants must use their Facebook account to login.

Upon agreeing to enter using Facebook, a modal window opens up to the contestant’s Facebook page, prompting the site’s permission to access all personal information on the social media account. Once Facebook permission is granted, contestants must also sign up through the website with a simple plugin form.

The site originally opens up in Spanish. For contestants who do not speak Spanish, their internet browser will prompt a translation option or contestants will need to translate the site manually.

Indio Amazing Menu Design

Indio has a simple, easy-to-navigate menu that’s accessible on the right side of the home page. Each page opened by the menu offers a minimized answer to what the contestant may be seeking out. Through this menu, users are able to learn what they are competing for, how to play, and the logistics behind the game.

From here, viewers can use hyperlinks to access Indio’s social media sites. By clicking on a link, each form of social media opens up in a different browser. Users are also able to access the terms and conditions they are agreeing to when they participate.

Indio Amazing Website Design

When users finally enter the game, everything stays true to the shaded, black color scheme found across the site. The interactive trivia board game moves at a quick pace, with sleek, simple animations designed to entertain contestants as they test their music knowledge and move their pawn across the 48-space board.

Indio is an amazing website design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.