Kikk Festival (slide 1)

Looking to take your digital and creative design to a completely different level? Join the Kikk Festival to collaborate and be inspired by others interested in applying new technologies for creative and economic purposes!

Bubbles! Bubbles everywhere! As you enter Kikk Festival’s website, you’re greeted by a stunningly realistic bubble illustration on the page. A refracted light within the bubble pulls pinks, greens and blues to complement the royal purple that is the foundation of the page. It’s a calming and beautiful combination on the eyes. Bubbles become the creative theme as you scroll. Statistics and fun facts about the festival are fitted inside a bubble, helping to draw your attention straight to them while you move down the page. It’s a unique and visually fun way to experience their homepage.

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Kikk Festival (slide 2)

Interested in Kikk Festival, but not sure if it’s right for you? Head over to the about section to learn about the event and the people involved.

The purple platform creates a dynamic set up as you wander your way down the page. Purple-casted photographs combine with in-depth text boxes. Photographs alternate with text boxes for visual variety while making it easy for you to read your way through the page without getting overwhelmed.

Want to see something fun? Move your cursor over any photograph and watch the refracted light effect you saw on the homepage illuminate it. The effect is subtle, but a beautiful way for them to tie the pages together!

Kikk Festival (slide 3)

As with any festival, knowing what’s going on and when is vital to the event’s success. Kikk Festival does a fantastic job of making sure you’re well-informed long before you head to the festival. The two-day event gives you a calendar to create the timeline for you. The page showcases one full day presented in white squares to block out time constraints. The color choice allows each square to stand out vividly against the purple backdrop. It also gives you a real idea of how to plan your day based on conference room and time slots. It’s highly simplified but highly in-depth to make sure you’re able to make the most of your time at the festival.

Purple makes a big impact as Kikk Festival invites you to be inspired to join them. Realistic imagery combined with lighting effects entertains your eyes and creates a pleasant user experience, making you want to dive into the festival.

Kikk Festival is an awesome website design in the Arts & Recreation, E-commerce & Retail and Entertainment industries.

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