Squarespace Exciting Homepage

Squarespace is an acclaimed web design site that has skyrocketed in popularity since its debut in January 2004. Although people flock to their platform due to their offers of intrinsic designs and reasonable pricing, their own web design deserves recognition, as well.

Squarespace integrates deep and parallax scrolling, which is a rare find. This concept makes the transition between pages easy. In addition, they use a minimalist approach, keeping things simple by using a dark background on every other page. The home page is very straightforward, enhancing the UI and UX. Its menu bar is one big call to action, equipped with a search bar where users can check to see if their domain name is available, as well a login button for current users. The “Get Started” tab is a darker button with a longer height than the others on the bar, emphasizing its importance to the company.

Squarespace Clean Templates Page

The “Templates” page is an organized gallery of Squarespace’s web building layouts. It uses a white backdrop to keep everything organized, offering a clean and balanced look. The light-gray banner at the top of the page uses a bold sans serif typeface for the title, with informative textual content on the right.

On the left side of the page is the categories column. It offers an easy-to-navigate page map for viewers to use when exploring Squarespace’s product selection. A 2x2 gallery with images, the names of the offered templates, and quick blurbs about each are located on the right side of the pane.

Squarespace Store Page

The “Online Store” page uses an honorable note of imagery. The caddy-cornered position of a high-resolution photograph uses peripheral vision to entice users. It's an ingenious application of the UX interface because it gives users a glimpse of an available product.

Squarespace’s website is unique to the company’s culture. Its use of minimalism, parallax and deep scrolling, and high-resolution imagery contribute to its popularity. It’s an innovative approach to web design, inspiring users to flex their creative muscles.

Squarespace is a exciting website design in the E-commerce & Retail, Professional Services and Technology industries.