Wondr Awesome Homepage

Indulgent, whimsical music combined with a stunning display of lanterns is exactly how Wondr introduces potential clients to their company.

A dynamic glass effect is used to depict the name of the company while showcasing the lanterns, as if the site visitor is staring through a window.

The imagery is hauntingly beautiful, and a true statement of the digital work Wondr is capable of doing.

The company’s homepage contains a single-page menu available within the footer of the page to redirect potential clients to commissions done by Wondr.

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Wondr Awesome Portfolio

Wondr’s portfolio is instantly accessed from their homepage’s menu.

In a unique combination of full-screen imagery and slow animation, the company showcases individual projects one at a time, in a slider effect.

The name of the project’s client is combined with a very brief statement about what Wondr was responsible for in the center of the page.

Embedded into the page, potential clients are given the option to be redirected to the original website for the client who worked with Wondr.

To navigate through various commissioned projects, potential clients are prompted in the footer of the page to use their spacebar as a navigation tool.

As soon as the spacebar is hit, site visitors are greeted by the use of different slide screen animations to make one project fade into another one.

When potential clients are ready to learn more about Wondr and what they can do, the website employs a second menu--a hamburger menu--to be used as a navigation tool.

Creatively, the menu opens in a horizontal line across the entire width of the page. Activating the menu causes a dim lighting effect to take over the page, making the background image viewable... but just barely.

Wondr Clean About Page

To give potential clients a more in-depth understanding of Wondr and everything they are about, the company puts together a creative experience for viewers as they scroll down the page.

Words are broken into pieces and scroll up from the bottom of the pages, while the sentences shown previously fade from black to white on a white negative space.

Wondr is an awesome website design in the Professional Services industry.

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