Supporte website design by IH9

Supporte Engenharia Website Design Is Straight To The Point

Supporte Engenharia is a corporation supplying the construction and engineering industry in Brazil since its inception in 1992. Its website is a creation of IH9 digital agency from Sao Paulo.

As a mainly B2B oriented company – selling robust hardware solutions to construction industry executives – Supporte Engenharia website design takes on a rather somber and restrained look that is fully in service of delivering the right message at the right time.

Modern-looking, minimal and features clever use of brand colors, the website’s dark and light grey tones work well in presenting the brand’s services and offerings. The Poppins sans-serif typeface is quite easy on the eye, legible and understandable.

The website’s homepage kickstarts the visitor’s journey with an image slider featuring a brief listing of solutions and UVPs in large lettering. The animated effect when images change is low-key yet effective.

The immediacy of these selling points is a great way for web designers to offer a seamless browsing experience for prospective customers looking for quick information.


Supporte web design by IH9

Supporte Engenharia Proves That Minimal Design Can Improve Focus And Reduce Bounce Rates

Despite the complexity of their solutions and services, the Supporte Engenharia website is frugal in terms of written content.

The messaging is the most important aspect of any website – especially the one whose main purpose is to sell. Redundant words, excessive descriptions and non-essential phrases are a resounding “no” in content marketing.

This website’s copy is remarkably brief – never exceeding more than two or three short sentences per paragraph – and uses plenty of headings and subheadings to attract attention to its most vital features and benefits. Branding experts often use this blend of a stripped-back look and straightforward messaging to provide a streamlined and engaging reading experience.

The website’s layout uses a lot of negative space surrounding the copy, which amplifies the messaging.

There is no more than one paragraph of text, an image and perhaps a CTA button on the screen at any point during the visitor’s journey. This simplistic approach helps the visitors focus on the main brand differentiators. Not having any distraction helps them find what they need more efficiently and this can improve their click-throughs.

Supporte website design

A Well-Designed Main Navigation Facilitates The User Journey On Supporte Engenharia’s Website

The user journey on Supporte Engenharia’s website is as simple and effective as the design. Having a main menu that is ever-present, easy to skim and contains all the right links makes it a breeze to navigate.

The top-screen menu is divided into two parts: the company’s phone numbers on the left and menu items on the right. The brand’s logo and name are what separate the two. The same typography that adorns the rest of the website is also in the main menu but in its light version.

As the user scrolls, the “sticky” menu navigation makes it simple for the user to jump to any other page on the website without having to scroll back up.

Even the order of the links in the main menu follows a certain logic: About Us, Services, Portfolio and then then the Clients pages for social proof and insight into the company’s offerings before culminating with the lead-generating Contact page.

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Supporte website design

On-Brand Colors In Supporte Engenharia’s Website Promote The Importance Of Efficiency

The red and the grey are Supporte Engenharia’s two primary brand colors. They are in the company logo, publications and other types of visual brand communication.

Their website design continues this on-brand color experience for better consistency, necessary for building trust with the consumers.

While the website is mostly in dark grey and white, it still manages to stand out with its use of red as an accent color on certain bits of copy, CTA buttons and “read more” buttons once the user hovers over them with a mouse cursor.

The AI-powered chatbot in the bottom right corner also uses red to signify notifications and missed messages.

Supporte website design by IH9

Supporte Engenharia Website Design Shows How To Balance UX And Branding With Its No-Nonsense Appearance

IH9’s website design for Supporte Engenharia is an example of how a restrained, muted online experience can make navigation easier without sacrificing the brand and its services.

While not flashy and overly reliant on aesthetics, the website clearly understands the value of well-executed messaging, simple UI and on-brand colors. It is a prime instance of “substance over matter” in web design.

All of the website’s pages follow the same structure and layout, making the user experience instantly understandable and consistent. The navigation is also well-streamlined, leading intuitively to the website’s conversion pages and content with social proof.

For its sheer simplicity and effective approach to UX, Supporte Engenharia is a deserving winner of our Best Website Design Award.

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