Surge AI Web-Based App

Surge AI’s Intuitive Web-Based UI Makes It Easy for Companies to Refine Their AI Technology

Surge AI is among the most robust data labeling programs designed by teams of engineers from Google, Facebook, Harvard, and MIT.

The program is the modern solution to the challenges of developing Artificial Intelligence for tech companies that use it.

How does this app work? It builds lightning-fast datasets that are integrated with the richness of human intelligence for accuracy and efficiency.

LIFT Agency designed its web-based app’s UI to feature the company’s groundbreaking technology, advanced quality controls, and modern APIs. The platform is loaded with sophisticated labelers and tools with easy access for maximum functionality.

The data labelling website is packed with convenient and time-saving features like:

  • Automatic detection of hate speech
  • Organized categorization of user reviews
  • Training modules for language models
  • Financial analysis
  • GPT fine-tuning

Plus a lot of other functions that help AI companies across the globe solve their primary AI machine learning and language development.

To bring all these features together in a user-friendly interface, the designers executed the UI/UX best practices: standard navigation patterns, responsive dashboards, and ultra-wide workspaces.


Surge AI Website Design

Dynamic and Future-Forward Branding Takes the Lead in Surge AI’s Interface

As previously mentioned, the designers took the standard route as the other AI platforms regarding basic UI principles. This helped provide an entirely familiar user experience, which made onboarding on this app a breeze.

But something must be different here that made the app design stand out, right?

Two words: branding strategy.

Apart from designing the interface, Lift Agency also took ownership of Surge AI’s whole design spectrum – from the brand’s visual identity to the actual product design.

Based on the brief, the visual identity they’ve developed for the brand is flashy, unique, and exciting. This was translated correctly in all of the company’s brand assets, and such a distinctive personality came through regarding the website design.

Using an entire spectrum of colors and deep gradients perfectly represents the rich journey of data labeling and AI development. Adding lots of graphic illustrations, even emojis, also brings out the fun side of this line of work.

Thanks to its solid visual foundation and eclectic brand identity, Surge AI’s dynamic app design truly stands out in a specific industry where everything must be taken seriously.

Future-Forward Website Design

The Extensive Iconography on Surge AI’s Website Design Elevates Aesthetics and Ease of Use

Web icons exist for two purposes: beauty and function. In designing this data labeling platform, Lift Agency went heavy-handed with infusing iconography into the interface, and the payoff is truly outstanding.

They used badge-style icons to visualize the tools and sections on the website – all intricately designed and instantly recognizable.

They’re also large enough to see on a mobile screen; users don’t even need to read the label to pick the right tools and do specific tasks. Additionally, adding alphabetical icons representing the user or project’s initials also makes organization and distinction much easier!

Outlined icons also populate the web interface for variation. The designers used them to illustrate project symbols, status indicators, and progress checkers. Visitors can also see them on the dropdown of the main navigation menu – all distinguishable from one another.

These minimalist icons ultimately contribute to the website’s user-friendliness and modern aesthetics!

Lastly, the solid shades of deep purple also made the CTA buttons stand out on the website’s simple white canvas.

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Extensive Iconography

Highly-Engaging Software Labels Make the Surge AI Tools More User-Friendly

Going back to the company’s unique branding strategy, the designers decided to incorporate its “weirdly different” identity into the actual digital product.

But how, exactly?

They took their fun and catchy copywriting skills, then incorporated them into the software’s tools and labels. For example, they used an endearing “we missed you” title on the login tab to personalize the program and sound more ‘human.’

Adding lines like “nothing’s going on here, try creating a new project!” is an excellent move in engaging the users and making the brand more approachable. This type of conversational copywriting ultimately adds to the program’s overall user-friendliness.

Even without fancy graphics and striking animations, the web design manages to delight its users through this friendly and interactive messaging. Also, the content doesn't sound too forced or unprofessional – a salute to the designers’ knack for finding the perfect balance between usability, marketing, and design needs.

You may also look into some web design companies that focus on blending functionality and aesthetics, like LIFT Agency. 

Data Labeling Website Design

Suge AI’s Web Design by Lift Agency Banks on Data Visualization for Analytics and Reporting

As a premier data labeling software, Surge AI prides itself on creating rich datasets that work wonders for companies, particularly in the machine and language learning departments.

This is the part where analytics and reporting come into play. Lift Agency did a marvelous job designing the website’s analytics and insights modules using lots of data visualization schemes.

They used a wide range of graphical illustrations such as graphs, charts, and lines to properly distinguish the data at hand and present progress reports comprehensively.

A dedicated results page is easily accessible regardless of whether the user is on their desktop or smartphone doing their tasks. The analytics section lives within the app but is also shareable with other team members working on the same project.

The insights and results for the site's essential functions, such as content moderation, sentiment analysis, and customer service, are all categorically organized, in-depth, and most of all, easy to digest. 

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