• The Walking Dead: Zombiefied Great Website Design

    Users, get ready to be zombiefied! The zombie-themed television show, The Walking Dead, has been one of the most popular sources of entertainment for years, from the storyline and comics to the characters and the zombies. What’s more, avid watchers of the show have always been curious about just how the walkers are made, and now it’s time for them to find out. Turn up your volume to immerse in the iconic theme song as you dive into the experience of a lifetime with Cable TV’s The Walking Dead: Zombiefied website.

    The Walking Dead: Zombiefied Great Website Design

    Giving a nod to the original comics created for The Walking Dead, this website takes a chance on something new. Instead of pages of information, users should get ready to be pulled into a virtual comic. With a single scroll option, users must keep rolling the wheel on their mouse or tapping the command arrows to be walked through the interactive comic.

    By taking on the role of an extra arriving at the filming scene, users will learn exactly how extras on the set of The Walking Dead evolve from normal, everyday people to ravaging walker waiting for its next meal. Viewers can walk through each phase of getting zombiefied, learn about the process, and read about real people on set. The website keeps things exciting by offering a number of embedded videos. If users search through the interactive comic hard enough, they can find the play buttons to watch a few exciting clips about the process, as well.

    The Walking Dead: Zombiefied Great Website Design

    The impressive, interactive comicends with a short animation of your newly zombiefied-self facing off against Rick Grimes in one of the more iconic scenes from the very first season.

    The Walking Dead: Zombiefied Great Website Design

    When all's said and done, users will likely want to share the Zombiefied process with their fellow The Walking Dead lovers on their social media accounts. The final screen of the site makes it simple to share across platforms by offering up a few seemingly sketched buttons and links to share against the typical black backdrop. Even this page of the site maintains the dark theme of the entire interactive comic.

    As a whole, The Walking Dead: Zombiefied’s site keeps the fan base thoroughly interested in the television show. The dark design scheme of the website, the interactive comic book presentation, and the multiple opportunities to dive further and further into available content all team up to mimic the vibe of the show itself: dark, interesting, and detail-oriented.

    The Walking Dead: Zombiefied is a great website design in the Entertainment industry.