Metropolitan Opera Clean Homepage

Talent meets astonishing imagery and stunning tales at the Metropolitan Opera. Lose yourself in one of their many shows as you let their impressive storytelling skills whisk you away to another time and place.

The Metropolitan Opera aims to enchant you with theatrics and your introduction to their site does exactly that.

Familiarize yourself with the current shows they’re putting on through the beautiful photographs that switch out on the page. The exquisite costumes and mid-scene capture truly make you feel as if you’re sitting in the theater for a brief moment. While you stare on, glance at the very top of the screen. A timeline of upcoming shows is listed. The white font is just enough to catch your attention, but the small size of it makes sure it doesn’t distract from immersing yourself in the imagery.

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Metropolitan Opera Clean About Page

Home to an impressive history, the Metropolitan Opera gladly shares their story with you. The page takes on a narrative feel, focusing on a minimal approach.

The glowing image of the opera house is the only one available. You can’t help the sense of awe as you stare at the gorgeous building. Beyond the picture, the page is words. The site fills your screen with the dynamic history of the company, pulling you into their narrative and letting the words hit home with you how they will.

Metropolitan Opera Clean Press Page

Being an iconic opera house, the press and news about them are extensive. Each article and post is made readily available for you to read through. A monochromatic color design dominates the page with white and black. It’s simple, but nothing more is needed.

Organization is essential and becomes the main element. Each article is neatly presented in a single column table. The use of pale borders helps you to distinguish one article from the next as your eyes scan down the page. As you do, an elegant font choice adds a bit of style to what you’re reading. While the design is incredibly basic, nothing more is needed as the choice creates a friendly reading platform.

The Metropolitan Opera is an iconic place to see a show and, sticking true to their great name, their website is equally impressive. The use of live images draws users into the beauty and magic the theater has to offer. The simplification and neat organization of everything else allow for a user experience made to impress.

Metropolitan Opera is a clean website design in the Arts & Recreation and E-commerce & Retail industries.

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