Protest Sportswear Elegant Website Design

A sportswear brand founded by boarders, for boarders, Protest has grown into so much more. Somehow they are able to leverage their online platform to sell dozens of different product lines while staying true to their brand identity as boarders.

One of the first noticeable features about the Protest homepage is that it’s seasonal. For a sportswear brand, this is a brilliant design choice because it allows the homepage to cater towards the exact needs of the user in real time.

Creating an even deeper level of customization, the user can change the home page to be set to a prefered gender. Protest knows users browsing the internet don’t always hang around for very long on the pages they land on. To reduce bounce rate, they hit the user with products targeted specifically towards them as soon as they land on the homepage.

The central image on the home page features smiling faces in cold weather clothing with the headline “Fall is Here!” Animated white circles on key articles of clothing respond to the cursor by pulsating and revealing the price of each item. Clicking on one of these circles will cause a popup to appear that allows the user to quickly add the items to their shopping cart.

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Protest Sportswear Elegant Social Walls

A social media wall shows some of Protest’s most recent Instagram posts. Buttons to follow their social media are prominently displayed towards the top of the screen. The social media wall is also attuned to the season. Not only are posts relevant to the weather, but the background of the social wall features a seasonal design. If the user clicks any social media post on the wall, a popup will present the option of adding the items from the post to their shopping cart.

A seasonal web page may require more effort, but it allows the homepage to immediately connect with the needs of the user. With relevant social media posts and unique popups that allow you to purchase direct from their social media wall, Protest is an expert at combining thoughtful design with content marketing.

Protest Sportswear is an elegant website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Fashion & Beauty industries.

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