Nike React Main Page Website Design

Nike React’s Interactive Design Walks Users Through A Colorful Story

Nike React is one of Nike’s latest shoewear creations. It’s a piece of footwear that affords its wearers a lighter, softer and more energetic step. The Nike React shoe was made with athletes in mind, and was built using scientific technology, research and dedication to footwear excellence.

As a whole, Nike is known as a powerhouse in the athletic footwear and clothing industry. It produces a wide range of products for every individual — from the casual athlete to the Olympic sprinter.

Nike was founded in 1964, and took on its iconic name in 1971. Ever since, it has grown in strength, scope and popularity. The Nike React shoe is just one of its many new, exciting and innovative products. But it was built with precision and grace, and the brand knew that they wanted to showcase it in a creative and out-of-the-box manner.

Three years of experimenting with chemicals and materials, hundreds of hours spent over intuitive and insightful heat map research and 400 iterations later, the team at Nike came up with a shoe that had the lightness, durability and strength of the new Nike React shoe, built with revolutionary foam cushioning and backed by the Nike name.

That requires more than just a crafty product page on the Nike website.

No, this new shoe deserved its own story, and so did its wearers. So the team decided to create a DIY website that users could play with and customize to their own preferences, while simultaneously learning about the shoe in question. 

And it's impactful.

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Nike React Step One Website Design

The Nike React Site Builds A Personalized Customer Story To Sell Its Shoes

Nike’s customized Nike React website is a fun and bubbly page that encourages engagement and interactivity.

The page itself takes on a kind of build-your-own shoe concept. Users are immediately encouraged to choose the feel of the shoe, the purpose of its use, the look of it and even the name. Then, the shoe gets built before the users' eyes and is given a story. You can include your name as well, making it even more personal.

This creative and intuitive site doesn’t actually let you create your own shoes, but it allows you to give your shoes a personalized story. And it informs along the way, enlightening users about the materials used, the many comparable things these shoes feel like and the long list of color options.

It’s a comprehensive site that informs through fun and personalized interactivity. This isn’t just a product page with a grid of boring shoes. That’s been done before. This is modernity and creativity in overdrive.

And by encouraging users to give these shoes their own story, they are subconsciously instilling within them a feeling of innate ownership. If they don’t already have a pair, they need to get one as soon as possible.

Nike React Step 3 Website Design

Nike React Is A Bright, Colorful And Creative E-Commerce Portal

But it’s not just the concept of this website that’s compelling -- it also looks the part too. It’s bright. It’s colorful. It’s dynamic.

It’s a clean website design that uses bright pops of background color and bubbly animations to stand out and grab attention. These clever illustrations dance and move with your mouse and with the movement of the screen.

They are light and happy and carefree. And they jump from these colorful backgrounds with ease.

Movement from step to step is smooth, but it is also jumpy and dynamic in a way that fosters excitement, enthusiasm, and anticipation.

There’s creativity here that can’t be ignored and an eagerness that’s infectious.

There’s no looking away from this site — users will continue to build their own personal story just to see how many different fun and bubbly variations they can come up with.

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Nike React Shop Page Website Design

Nike React’s Website Stuns Visitors With A Clever User Experience, Bright Design & Playful Animated Effects

The Nike React is an exciting new invention, and it was given an exciting new website design to show it off. This isn’t the first time Nike has turned to web design to put an emphasis on a product, but it certainly does stand out and make an impact on consumers in a different way than ever before.

This website ditches the corporate, sleek feel of the normal Nike website and substitutes it with an engaging and interactive design that bursts onto your screen and demands to be seen.

When landing on the page, you’re immediately encouraged to interact. You’re asked to build your own React shoe, and from there more fun ensues.

You can choose the feel of the shoe, the activities you’ll engage in and even give it a name. Then voila, your own Nike React dances onto the screen, with your name sitting in the corner. This build-your-own website lets you create your own cute story about the shoe, and it’s an engaging and captivating way to get consumers to learn more and buy their own creation. After users create their shoe and see their running style acted out on screen, they are seamlessly navigated to the traditional Nike e-commerce shop where they can find their dream React shoe. 

It’s not just this interactivity that shines. The bright colors, bubbly animations, and dynamic movement also play a key role in sucking users in. It’s a fun and playful website, plain and simple. It inspires and excites and lets you forget about everything else for just a few minutes while you build your own crafty story.

This website is extremely intuitive and engaging, using clever storytelling tactics to bring users in and inform them about the new and innovative product. Get inspired by the best shoe brand designs.

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