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Trulia Is An Easy-To-Use Tool For Buyers And Renters Everywhere

Life is an adventure filled with unexpected turns and exciting plot twists, and renting or buying a home shouldn’t affect your life for the worse. Luckily, Trulia is here to help, offering an easy-to-navigate platform for house hunters to search for the homes that are right for them.

This popular real estate site launched in September 2005, offering users a streamlined process for buying or renting homes and apartments. In one easy-to-use and clean platform, Trulia lists properties for rent and for sale, as well as offers potential home buyers and renters the necessary information they need for moving to a new area and understanding the undertaking at hand.

Trulia’s Informational Website Offers Simple Navigation And Usability That Wows 

Searching for your next apartment is just a few clicks away. Trulia's website design streamlines the process with ease from the moment you hit their homepage. With big, comprehensive options outlined in clean, clear buttons, there’s no question as to how to begin your search — whether you’re renting or buying.

Noting your Google location, Trulia’s smart search quickens the process of finding your next home. Impressive images line the page, and listings are displayed by title for easy navigation. Through your search, you’re welcomed with stunning photography and clear-cut listings. The beauty and elegance of this display put you at ease immediately.

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Trulia Website Design About Page

Website Design's Search Results are Clean and Intuitive

This intuitive and interactive web design only gets better, with filters and options on clear display. Upon completing your search, four horizontal scroll sections become available, depicting a number of categories to catch your interest. The plain backdrop lends a helping hand, making sure the model imagery is at the forefront of your attention. It’s hard not to lose yourself in the dozens of possibilities, but Trulia makes sure that you’re never overwhelmed.

This intuitive design gives users insights they never knew they needed — from what crime stats are in the area, what the demographics of this specific location are and where the closest bakery is. The ‘Local Scoop’ section gives users valuable and personalized insights into the area they are considering making their new home.

The map on the side of the search results is big, bold and interactive. It shows users exactly where the home they are looking into is located and what is located nearby. You can narrow results as well with ease.

If you want to narrow your results by category, the filters allow for quick and easy searching. The filters are big and bold with simple typography that is easy to understand. Listings open up in new windows, which allows for an easy and streamlined user experience

Not only that, but Trulia makes it easy to interact by providing a clear call to action as soon as you find a listing you love. It’s big. It’s bold. It’s simple. And it’s clearly visible — eliminating any questions or unnecessary website searching.

The layout of both the search page and its results are clean, clear and simple. With bold, sans-serif typography, properly labeled filters and easy navigation, Trulia takes the guesswork out of finding a home you adore.

Trulia Search Options

Other popular and long-standing real estate websites still struggle with this effortless simplicity, providing users with a disorganized and cluttered search screen with listings that confuse and frustrate users.

You can narrow results by how close a property is to public transportation, if it’s pet-friendly, and what amenities a property has to offer.

Trulia offers these options in a simple drop-down menu where filters are clearly labeled and listings are clearly marked as having a specific feature.

Trulia Website Design Blog

Trulia Uses Its Blog To Inform And Enlighten With Ease

Buying or renting a home can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Through a diverse and dynamic blog, Trulia offers up a number of ways to help you learn and do it all for yourself. The organization here is key and Trulia gives you two different areas to look at blog articles.

Featured articles come together to create a slider of impressive images. The lack of boundaries between teaser photos makes for a seamless display, movable through the easily accessible navigation arrows.

Scrolling will help you find the bulk of blog articles. Put together in a tightly formed grid, Trulia creates a highly uniform presence in which images and text combine to showcase articles that might catch your interest. It’s simplistic but effective as a way to guide you through a large number of resources available to you.

Trulia’s Website Encourages Users To Engage With Social Networks

With the huge importance placed on social media, it’s no wonder Trulia pushes their big presence. Embedded at the bottom of their blog page, you’re able to indulge in Trulia’s gorgeous Instagram feed. A grid of photographs consumes your page, filing your line of sight with bright colors and vivid imagery. They’re pulled straight from the company’s Instagram account, giving you quick access to their quirky and interesting social media posts. It makes it easy for you to see the lighter side of the company.

Trulia is a company that cares about its users and their experience. They care about their users personally — and considering choosing to buy or rent is one of the biggest decisions in a person’s life, it feels good knowing that the team at Trulia is full of real people with real emotions who care.

Trulia's Real Estate Website Makes Simplicity, Transparency and Clarity A Priority

Trulia’s light and airy visual experience is created through open space, clean organization, and bright images. You’re drawn in and easily captivated, maximizing your time on Trulia’s site.

And not only does this website look the part, it acts the part too — creating a streamlined and easy-to-navigate experience that takes the confusion and anxiety out of buying or renting a new home. This combination of priorities is the foundation for how Trulia redefines the real estate experience for its users.

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