Tenera Website Design

Tenera Website Design is a Masterclass in Welcoming Simplicity and Minimalism

Tenera Inc. is a Toronto-based construction leader, providing project tendering and management solutions for small to medium-sized commercial projects and in the construction and building maintenance industry. 

The company that provides tools, streamlined workflows and access to a superb network of leading industry professionals naturally required an equally impressive online presence under its belt.

Alas, with such a foundation, only the sky is the limit, and when constantly pushing upwards, there’s only one answer – Brand Vision!

Construction may not be easy, but building a clever website from the ground up is in, many ways, even more challenging. Tenera website design is a textbook example of how simplicity and professional aesthetic beat embellishment. To be fair, it’s similar in construction – you wouldn’t want to live under the Sistine Chapel’s “judgment” or work in Montreal Biosphere 9 to 5. Their purpose trumps practicality and daily drive.

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Concise copy

Tenera’s Brand-new Website Reveals the Brand’s USP with Unified UX and Concise, On-Point Messaging and Visuals

There are tons of moving variables you need to consider, whether it’s website design or executing property repair projects in which Tenera specializes. And Brand Vision perfectly understood this challenge when approaching the platform's scalability, UX/UI and client’s ultimate goals.

“Current process of planning and executing property repair projects are largely manual and entirely inefficient,” which is why Brand Vision focused on taking Tenera to a leading. Position by developing a streamlined platform designed to cater to the entire ecosystem of property operators, managers, consultants and trades. How?

As soon as visitors land on the homepage, they’ll find themselves in a fairly minimal (construction) site that’s purposefully designed so that it doesn’t distract from the key messaging.

The “Practice what you preach” principle is prevalent in the concise copy that becomes richer as users scroll down.

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Tenera Gallery

Tenera Website Design opts for a Sticky and Intuitive Navigation Menu, Helping Visitors Find Exactly What They Are Looking for

Brand Vision agency isn’t fond of gimmicks of any kind. Their design approach inspires interaction. It doesn’t force it.

Tenera website design is timeless - users can find the information they seek quickly, efficiently and logically. One of the most essential elements that make it so is the website’s simple and sticky navigation menu.

The website’s main menu ensures seamless navigation. While not overflowing with tons of options, its horizontal design on the right side of the page keeps it legible and user-friendly. Ultimately, it diminishes misdirection and distractions.

No matter the page, the carefully planned user journey almost always ends in one of the prominent black CTAs and contact forms that propel visitors down the Tenera’s conversion funnel without a hassle.

Uniform color palette

Tenera Website Design’s Uniform Color Scheme and Ample Negative Space Lets Visitors Keep an Eye on the Prize

Tenera’s website proudly “wears” a fashionable two-color suit, creating a smart and consistent website experience that emphasizes the company’s unparalleled level of service.

The combination of black (prevalent in CTAs) and marine blues evokes positive feelings. Like a seal of approval, it is a marker of loyalty and fidelity, but most importantly – reliability, the primary, desirable trait of anything construction-related.

When it comes to ample negative space surrounding the design mentioned above elements, it allows content to be more legible and digestible. It lets visitors get familiar with Tenera’s homey online place while keeping them interested and inspired to take action.

There’s a reason why “easy does it” and Tenera website design certainly “does” something well. Web design? Most definitely.

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