Gemius Top Website Design Homepage

Gemius is a consulting firm that advises clients on how to use internet-generated statistics to make the decisions regarding their businesses. Since 1999, Gemius has grown, and it continues to develop new tools and criteria for businesses all over.

The homepage boasts a full-screen grid layout with a vertical navigation menu on the left. The website design's navigation options differ, but once clicked they all lead to pages with similar layouts. The grid on the homepage contains headings written in a large and simplistic font, while the corresponding images define the titles.

Gemius Top Website Design About Page

The About Us page uses a close-knit grid to display several sub-topics. When clicked, the user navigates to a page containing a paragraph of information about the title; underneath is a horizontal listing of 3-4 of the other image buttons displayed on the main About Us page.

Because each topic is explained in brief, and other links are displayed below, users can read about Gemius and move on to the next topic without fatigue or complications from sitemap navigation.

Gemius Top Website Design News Page

The News and Events page has the horizontal menu displayed on the left, and to the right are thumbnails with headlines displayed to the right of each. The thumbnails are organized in two vertical rows of five, and ten more appear in the same layout. Using white space and the distance between the thumbnails and headlines allows the user to focus on each news topic individually without feeling distracted or overwhelmed.

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Gemius Top Website Design Contact Page

The Contact page is simplistic, with the address and contact info listed in a thin black typeface next to an interactive Google map of the office’s location. Underneath the map is a contact form and a grid containing fifteen image buttons of the various Gemius offices around Europe. When hovered over, the images become tinted in black, and once clicked, the address and contact information for that office is displayed to the right of the grid.

Gemius’ simple website design is cohesive because it uses the same layouts throughout the website. The display enhances UX and UI because it is easy to navigate, and the vertical menu has a search option for easier navigation. The colors are bright but subtle and not distracting.

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