Wildcatter Website Design

Wildcatter LA’s Exciting Web Design Is All About the Action

Wildcatter LA is a dual force: a future-oriented creative studio and a production company constantly exploring uncharted territories in their work. Their website design needed to reflect the company’s innovative and dynamic approach to each of their projects, and Workshop Built did an incredible job of conveying that.

The website design greets you with aggressive colors and many dynamic elements. The loading screen is gold-yellow with liquid black oil marks quickly rising from the bottom to form the company’s name. The layout then transforms to a red background with a cool animation of two hands holding a stick of dynamite, counting down from three. (Learn more about how these colors affect the human psyche)

When the clock hits zero, you’re brought to the homepage packed with interchangeable video snippets of the company’s past projects. The hero video is stylized, and the videos are cut in the shape of the logo’s “W.”

The homepage design is clean - with nothing but the hamburger menu, profile button and shop placed in the top right corner, above the videos. You may also look into web design companies that can create navigable websites like this. 

Impressive Menu

The Wildcatter LA’s Menu Will Blow You Away

The loading screen and homepage do not end the action-packed dynamic elements – but rather an introduction to your wacky journey. The customized cursor looks like a bloody red hand with the index finger pointing at your options, further emphasizing the menacing, terror-laden atmosphere.

If you point it to the hamburger menu, the screen will revert to the yellow background with four pickable options. The options are positioned chaotically across the screen as if they were blasted away from the center. The black bolded typography takes up the majority of the screen.

As you hover over them, they frantically shake as if they are about to explode.

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Impressive visuals

Continual Diversity in Presentation Speaks Volumes of the Company’s Creativity

Each section is empowered with distinctive visual elements and heavy, limited typography (learn how typography can enhance website design).

The “About” section is direct – the design leverages the negative space to focus the viewer on the solid message written in bolded action-taking red. The photos of the team enhance the short introduction content block with their dual presentation. As you hover over each of their pictures, it transforms from entirely professional to fun-loving, depicting both sides of the team members. Check out more interesting About sections here.

The “Work” section employs new striking visual maneuvers. The hero text is divided, with a word on either side in a normal horizontal position. However, the words “lean” inwards as you scroll, switching to diagonal positioning. Then the page shows the viewer neatly divided past work with a short teaser video of the project.

The other two sections are no less than attractive, with stunning visuals and continuous original dynamic elements.

Stunning presentation

The Fun Wildcatter LA’s Website Is On-Brand Across Sections

The website explores many “aftershock” effects. The symbolism here is that good ideas can blast you away, and these aesthetics align with the logo design that portrays the brand name as a heavy, bolded logotype with cracks in the letters as if it’s the result of the many creative explosions.

From the loading screen, until you leave the website, no page lets you forget that it belongs to this company. The site introduces itself with the logo that moves to the left top side of the header, never leaving your side.

The creative logo is scaled up, and elements like the hero video also encompass its visuals. Although diverse, the branding remains consistent through a 70-30% visual-to-text ratio, with one of the three primary colors (yellow, red and black) always dominating the background. Good branding design companies ensure the company identity stays consistent across all platforms. 

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