MC3 Design Creative Website Design

MC3 is led by a designer and a copywriter. They’re a small agency that creates big experiences — websites and apps that are planned, designed, written and built with love.

This site set its unique tone by the mystic and dreamlike appeal, which is due to the impact from the color palette. Under the deep-scrolling style, the bold typography treatment on numbers forms the strong visual grammar on the page. With the single page structure, to navigate through the site is easy by the sticky header or the sided indicator.

Between the projects are the mixture of testimonials, sign up form, stats, skills/services and contact form. The content arrangement is twisted by showing the capability and earning the credibility back and forth — they take viewers to dig into the cases, then drag viewers back to know more facts about the company. This is a well-crafted strategy in turns of the marketing.

MC3 Design is a creative website design in the Advertising, Professional Services and Technology industries.