Hanwha Clean Homepage Design

Hanwha Group is a business conglomerate whose focus is to be a positive contributor to society and its surrounding community. From aerospace to affordable housing, Hanwha Group dedicates itself to enriching and improving the world through their customers and problem-solving skills on a global scale.

Upon landing on the homepage, the user is greeted with an automatic banner image slideshow that corresponds to each informational tab underneath.

The rest of the page utilizes manual slideshows with a general overview of each topic and its sub-sections. Towards the very bottom of the page is a map of the world, illustrating the company’s influence outside of Korea.

The homepage is white with orange used to highlight certain text. This simple color scheme gives the website a clean, corporate feel that remains prevalent as users navigate the website.

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Hanwha Clean About Page Design

The Hanwha Group’s About page displays another large banner image of a young child to reiterate the concepts of growth and evolution. Underneath the banner is a timeline of the company’s history, which is designed like a genealogy tree. Each grouping of years precedes an image icon that inverts the text and image colors when hovered over.

Beneath this timeline is a text box outlining the company’s history in great detail. The background includes a black-and-white image that is overlaid by another text box with white text and a black background.

To the left is a small menu of the history of Hanwha Group, which stands out as each clicked topic turns orange. Underneath this menu is a small image slideshow highlighting important events in the company’s history.

Hanwha Clean Product page Design

The Products and Services page uses a simple grid pattern to display informational images regarding its business areas and affiliates in rows of three.

Each image and set of corresponding text has a faint gray line of separation, which creates the illusion that the white space is a part of the image boxes rather than a large element of the page itself.

The Hanwha Group’s website design layout is simplistic with a corporate feel. The banner images give the company an air of relatability, and the organized layout enhances UX.


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