7 Creative Marketing Strategy Ideas to Amplify Online Brand Recognition in 2023

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7 Creative Marketing Strategy Ideas to Amplify Online Brand Recognition in 2023
Article by Bisera Stankovska
Last Updated: February 03, 2023

A creative marketing strategy can delight audiences, helping build interest among them, boost brand awareness, increase recall and disseminate promotions.

There is a selection of creative agencies and advertising firms that can assist you with creative strategies in advertising.

In this post, we will discuss innovative and creative tactics in advertising online. Let us help you capture the heart and the nod of approval of your intended market—turning them into purchasing customers.

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7 Creative Tactics to Employ in Your Next Advertising Project

1. GIFs

Graphics interchange format (GIF) is catchy and fun. It can be pretty hilarious, too, and certainly has what it takes to go viral when done and distributed right.

You can share trending GIFs and create your own branded ones.

When you make your own GIFs, you can upload them on Giphy, the online GIF search database. This platform enables you to integrate your graphics into various other channels, including Instagram where you can turn them into stickers for reels and stories.

This creative marketing strategy is referred to as GIF engine optimization (GEO).

Giphy has hundreds of partner brands and artists, including big names like Pepsi and Disney. You should be part of the roster, too.

2. Memes

Like online slang, internet and text chatspeak as well as emojis, memes have become a widely utilized form of digital expression. It is no wonder meme marketing is a subcategory on its own, a truly excellent online ad strategy that works.

Memes are made for virality. Consumers are naturally drawn to them, and that is exactly what you want to achieve when marketing your business.

These fun images or moving pictures do not feel overly promotional, making them a great part of creative advertising methods.

In fact, even “bad” memes can drive high engagement. They still create publicity as online users talk even more about them, making them not as “terrible” after all.

People also tend to revise them into user-generated versions. This adds to the authentic feel and appeal of meme content.

3. Funny Holidays

Take advantage of bizarre yet amusing seasonal events and awareness observances. These are attractive to consumers of varying personalities, allowing you to reach a wider market in the process.

Celebrate funny holidays by incorporating them into your creative strategies in advertising.

Content built around them gains traction and receives an overwhelming amount of interaction owing to their humorous nature. They are extremely shareable as well.

There is a ton of funny holidays out there, from National Mocktail Week to National Bittersweet Chocolate Day and the much less commonplace Houseplant Appreciation Day. You will never run out of something to rejoice about every day.

Leverage a funny holiday calendar for memorable marketing and promote a different product and service line each time. You can create a giveaway promotional activity or launch a new branded merchandise to make your patrons smile.

4. Advocacy

Consumers have a strong emotional response to a brand that supports organizations and sponsors causes.

Pick an advocacy or charity that resonates with your company’s values and involve clients in fundraising activities to raise awareness in the matter.

This is an organic way to meet prospective new partners, network and raise your brand profile.

If you are a startup or a small-sized enterprise without the financial capacity yet to sponsor this type of event, volunteering for a non-profit is an effective place to start.

Get connected with the right Creative Marketing agency for your project.

5. Influencer Takeover

Influencer marketing has skyrocketed to an enormous business, with a projected year-on-year growth rate of 23.4% in 2023 and 15.9% in 2024.

Reach out to micro-influencers with a considerable number of quality followers and without the million-dollar price tag. Tap them to submit a review on your product or service offers or your brand itself.

On top of this, an Instagram or Facebook takeover for the day is quite hard to beat. Get an influencer to jump over to your page and do a surprise live streaming. Your followers and theirs will surely stick around to hang out.

This will steal the show, have online users rave about it and get you a load of positive brand awareness.

6. Trending Topics and Popular Hashtags

Research and make the most out of trending hashtags and topics, leveraging the expertise of a market research company to identify relevant trends and capitalize on them effectively.

Competition is as stiff and tough as ever so you should keep an eye out on popular subjects circulating on the web.

Find those that are aligned with your brand and that will work most favorably for your creative marketing strategy. Elevate your campaigns by staying on top of digital trends.

Whip up branded hashtags with an emoji representative of your organization. You can stick to this throughout your long-term marketing programs as these are unique to you. Modify them as necessary when promoting specific products or services.

Hashtags on social media channels can easily help get the word out about your business, promotions and deals. In addition, make sure to follow trends in your niche for the most desirable outcomes.

Everyone is catching up so you should not fall behind what’s in for the season or the day.

7. Infographics, Useful Templates, Charts and Graphs

Visuals play a crucial role in helping you accomplish your marketing goals.

Original infographic illustrations prove to be an efficient visual advertising tool by 40.8%. Meanwhile, charts and other data visualizations have a share of 15.4% in terms of effectiveness.

Creating, curating and publishing substantial infographics are an opportunity to educate readers, adding value to their lives.

This content form teaches while keeping the tone lighthearted and the consumption more convenient and bite-sized. It is engaging, easy on the eye and highly shareable and linkable.

Template guides are just as popular with users. You may have come across social media posts and stories that are editable. For instance, the yearly book challenge template that users can take a screenshot of and fill out with their answers.

People adore a meaningful and enjoyable template they can conveniently interpret, use and share with their family and peers.

In a Nutshell: Why You Need Creative Advertising Methods

Build a buzz around your brand and choose the creative marketing strategy that will grow your product and service offers into a smash hit.

The marketing landscape has changed drastically over recent years and it continues to evolve. Leveraging the right creative tactics in advertising will help sustain your competitive position in the marketplace and keep you ahead of the revenue-generation game.

We bet that by now, you're feeling inspired by our listicle! Let's go ahead and take it to the next level. Get in touch with our directory of expert marketing services that will partner with for your next project.

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