Viral Marketing Campaigns: Best Strategies to Make Your Brand Blow Up Online

A viral marketing campaign works like magic and turns into a dominoes effect once initiated

While some ads might come and go without audiences’ realization, some of them are gold. It is quicker and less expensive than the traditional digital marketing method.

While there is no guarantee that a campaign may go viral, brands can take steps to ensure the same, which can lead to mainstream media’s attention.

But what makes the chances of content going viral? Let’s take a look.

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What Are Viral Marketing Campaigns?

The term ‘Viral’ refers to something that spreads quickly.

Viral marketing is when content resonates with the target audience and is marketed in a way that goes viral. Marketers use social media to promote a product with the content.

Viral content makes audiences a sheer brand advocate to the masses with social shares. This gets public recognition in relatively less time than traditional methods. This can be done with channels such as YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, spreading content like wildfire.

This gets the content recognized, viral, and influential to the audience. These attributes are handy when marketers want to reach a wider audience. It inspires the audiences to share the marketing message ahead, which leads to exponential growth, as audiences’ exposure defines digital marketing trends.

Viral Marketing Strategies

The everyday essentials of viral marketing strategies include the message, the messenger, and the environment.

Here’s how brands can refine their viral marketing strategies:

Appealing to a Wider Audience

Ideal viral marketing campaigns consider the audience at the core. The campaign must resonate with the audience and make them feel strongly about the brand so that they can share it on various platforms.

The initial stages of campaign creation call for identifying the target audience. The campaign can be made appealing to the audience with the following questions:

  • Who to connect with
  • The content that makes them feel passionate
  • Their hopes, dreams, and values
  • Focusing on pain points and key challenges
  • Persuasion that increases shares

Posting on the Relevant Platforms

3.6 billion users regularly use social media. This makes up for a vast audience base that audiences cannot ignore.

For content to go viral, it should be shared by millions and posted on a platform your target audience is most active on. Yet another statistic that shows the prominence of social media is that 55% of buyers research their products via social media.

For example, Instagram is ideal for pictures, whereas TikTok is ideal for video content, such as the ALS ice bucket challenge.

Using Strong Visuals

A viral marketing campaign requires strong visuals that help audiences to understand by telling a brand story.

The campaign visuals must be intriguing, informative, and entertaining enough to trigger emotions.

Integrating Creative Elements

Brands should retrospect the elements in their favorite viral campaigns. Brands can put a finger on what worked best for them.

Producing creative elements requires careful planning and brainstorming. Unexciting elements may fail the test of the most viral marketing strategies.

Brands can add a unique, engaging, and innovative angle to their campaigns.

Triggering Emotions

A viral marketing campaign must include a trigger and pain point and showcase how it would make the audience feel after they use it. This may activate emotions such as sympathy, surprise, shock, or curiosity.

The campaign can even focus on boosting self-esteem and self-confidence. This concludes that the campaign's emotional appeal and relatability can spark magic in creating a trending piece.

Campaigns centered on creating goodwill allow audiences to stick to them for longer.

Making it Easily Shareable

For content to go viral, it needs to be shared multiple times. Hence it is vital to make content easily shareable and promotable.

Initially, Brands must post the content on relevant platforms and ensure that it is easily found, shared, and relatable. If the content has no share option, users will have no way to share it.

Ensure adding sharing, embedding, and downloading capabilities, so that it can be sent, tagged, converted, and downloaded countless times. Efficient call-to-actions also compel people to share it.

93% of marketers have used influencer or contextual marketing in their campaigns. Hence, a celebrity or influencer can also make the content go viral due to their vast audience.

Brands should also consider that trends like memes may rise and fall in no time. The styles and formats may also change. If the content is outdated, it will soon lose momentum. Marketers should be aware of the topics and trends so they can tap into them likewise.

Integrating Authenticity

Campaigns should be authentic so that audiences can gauge them amidst the noise. Audiences can be driven away if it seems inorganic or forced. This can be a barrier to going viral if audiences have seen it elsewhere.

The content should also be informative and inspiring for it to feel different. Such content compels audiences to invest their time, money, and emotions in your offering.

Engaging content keeps the conversion ball rolling so that audiences are free to communicate with the brand and have their questions answered. Moreover, stories can inspire readership. Once it strikes a chord with your audience, they will be compelled to share it in their close circle.

Good content goes viral by itself, so the campaign should be innovative enough to stand out. This makes it easier to garner user attention and get good publicity.

Sharing the Content at the Right Time

Marketers should brush up on current events to align the strategy likewise.

This increases the possibility of interested people viewing your content in current events. Some examples are pop culture events, world events, or scientific innovation. This helps audiences keep up with viral content on social media feeds and TV.

Marketers should also consider the sharing date and time. This could be around the Christmas holidays or any other important event.

Advantages of Viral Marketing Campaign

Predicting a viral ad campaign’s effect isn't easy; however it comes with its set of advantages. Since viral content can grab the eyes of the world, it can skyrocket awareness, visibility, and sales.

Check out the following viral marketing campaign benefits below:

Strengthens the Brand

Once the brand goes viral, the world knows about your offerings in no time. This leads to a considerable visibility and revenue leap. This leads to a strengthened connection with the audience in the future, creating a powerful brand awareness tool.

Since the content is shared and the pattern is repeated endless times, it is equivalent to the people to whom the brand is introduced. This lets the brand reach a global audience without extra effort.

Audiences may even develop personal and emotional connections with the brand.

It's Non-invasive

Some marketing tactics may seem too pushy or forceful, which may annoy audiences. This practice may seem shady and push the audience away rather than trust it.

Viral marketing places the ball in the audience’s court to participate, view, and share the campaign’s contents.

Boosts Credibility

As viral marketing is non-invasive, it holds more credibility for the audience. This is so because it doesn’t force or coerce the audience into liking and sharing their content. This significantly improves conversations and paints a professional picture.

Instead, the decision to interact and purchase is made solely by the audience.

Works with a Smaller Budget

Viral content is usually created with a small budget, substantially cutting down marketing and distribution costs. This eliminates brands’ need to buy advertising and media space.

Filming high-quality videos and posting high-definition pictures isn’t as difficult as before. Moreover, high-quality content may not cause thousands of dollars to brands.

This has moved viral content away from the confines of resources or budget.

As mentioned above, this model has the audiences do the work for you by continuously engaging and sharing the content, leading to free brand awareness.

Promotes a Brand to a New and Wider Audience

A wider audience determines viral campaigns, but the turning point is when a viral campaign continues to reach newer prospects. This leads to increased sales, better social media engagement, and word-of-mouth.

How to Add More Value to Your Viral Ad Campaign?

While some may consider that lucky guessing would work, it’s hardly so. Creating viral content is about creating user personas, conducting market and customer research, and more. These steps help brands to get the pulse of what the audiences will love, leading to a breakthrough moment for the brand.

Some common examples include Old Spice, ALS bucket challenge, Dollar Shave Club, and more!

With digital advertising snowballing, the various options available makes the viral marketing campaigns’ scope limitless. If you are running out of ideas, there is nothing like taking cues from industry leaders.

Viral Marketing Campaign – Key Takeaways

Be it a startup or an established organization, marketers must advertise their products consistently. This keeps them fresh in the audiences' memories.

Going viral ensures your content isn’t lost in the daily flood of information.

However, brands can go viral for both - negative and positive reasons. This makes it essential for brands to draw the line.

Brands should be careful not to create negative buzz regarding their offerings. While going viral positively impacts businesses, helps brands reach new followers, and referral traffic leads to a loyal customer base, negative publicity can do the opposite.

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