Outsourced Email Marketing: Identifying the Service Scope and Its Benefits for Businesses

Email Marketing
Outsourced Email Marketing: Identifying the Service Scope and Its Benefits for Businesses
Article by Bisera Stankovska
Last Updated: July 29, 2022

An estimated 319.6 billion emails were sent and received daily around the world in 2021. This figure is projected to rise to 376.4 billion daily emails by 2025.

Nothing compares to email marketing for growing your brand, selling its products and services, or connecting with the customers and prospects equally. Email marketing is one of the most efficient and popular marketing techniques for organizations across domains.

Email marketing allows businesses to employ a quick, flexible, and cost-effective way of reaching out to potential customers while maintaining existing ones.

This article will discuss outsourced email marketing and how organizations can benefit from it.

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What is Outsourced Email Marketing?

Outsourced email marketing is the process of employing a third-party marketing company or a marketing expert to handle the email marketing operations of your business. Outsourced email marketing creates a big difference for an organization, and the primary reason to go for it is the ease of functional processes.

The marketing company you outsource has expertise in conducting B2C and B2B email marketing campaigns. With their understanding of email marketing, you can align your products and communicate based on the trends they provide you with. This makes your task more straightforward, and you can work as per what the market requires.

With a significant operation of your business being handled by external experts, you can focus on leading expertise, which is also an advantage of outsourced email marketing.

Which Services Can Come Under Email Marketing Outsourcing?

Following are the four basic email marketing activities that can be outsourced:

Analyzing the Market

Market analysis is comprehensive research and examination of your company’s market, rivals, and consumers using marketing analytics tools. The study helps determine a brand’s USP and understand what consumers require and what the competitors are doing. Email marketing allows you to precisely understand where the target audience is and how to reach them.

When done in-house, this task can be extremely laborious and time-consuming as it involves much research. Outsourcing assists you in getting the data and polishing it to sharpen your email strategy.

Planning and Strategizing

A company can establish or rebuild its brand image by developing a robust email marketing plan. It also helps determine when and how the brand should be introduced to the market.

Marketing firms can use emails to create a brand’s market image and produce quality leads through strategy and planning. The outsourcing service provider can help a company develop its brand’s positioning, unique value propositions, development plans, and so on.

This information allows you to create robust email marketing campaigns that tie back to your original branding and strategies.

Creative Projects

Creative initiatives are the pieces of narrative and image that are communicated utilizing social media, web and email campaigns.

Creative projects in branding, communication, promotion, lead generation and awareness can be effectively outsourced to the agencies. You can outsource the complete design of the email to the agencies. They often have expert designers who can breathe life into the campaigns.

Sales Operations

Email marketing operations entail planning, managing and improving the whole marketing process. The tasks start with planning and implementation and end with attribution.

An email marketing agency can look into the sales operations, which are difficult to handle in-house. At the same time, the agency is responsible for planning the project, managing the marketing technology, checking for brand consistency, and measuring the marketing results.

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Benefits of Email Outsourcing for Businesses

There are numerous benefits of outsourcing email marketing for businesses. There are:

Leveraging Effort and Expertise

For organizations, managing email marketing is quite a task. Outsourcing agencies, on the other hand, have the expertise to deploy an email marketing campaign successfully.

If your email marketing strategy is part of a larger inbound marketing, you need to use analytics. Again, understanding what the analytics are showing requires you to have specific skills, which the agency experts possess.

Some of the talents necessitated for an email marketing campaign are graphic designing, copywriting, coding, data examination and marketing strategy A/B testing.

An effective email marketing strategy requires the participation of 3-5 people. Additional tools are also needed if the company wishes to use automated email.

Getting the Data

The foundation of successful email campaigns is data. With an agency at your service, you get to know how many leads open and engage with your emails. This data or information is essential in creating better campaigns in the future. For instance, if an earlier email had a poor open rate, you can consider altering the preview text or the subject to get more openings the next time.

One of the benefits of outsourcing email marketing services is that you can keep an eye on the essential metrics such as opening rate, soft and hard bounces, speed of delivery and rate of return, along with click-through rate and unsubscribe rate.

Working with Automation Seamlessly

Automated newsletters and emails and one-time email marketing campaigns, are sent to the users based on data and user activity. For example, if a customer fills in a form online to download an insightful guide, you can send an email with the attached guidebook.

Automation also brings new options for generating and nurturing new leads. There are several email automation systems available, and the outsourcing agency has experts who have the best knowledge of the automation systems.

An efficient outsourced team also helps organizations create email campaigns without bothering about the technicalities that go into making them.

Tracking the Campaigns Put Out

The effectiveness of an email marketing campaign is strongly related to using the most recent campaign-specific metrics. This is to evaluate the progress of an email campaign. Marketers must think beyond mere open rates when choosing the right analytics.

Instead, the skilled and expert marketers consider specific indicators such as open rates, open and click rates, hard and bounce rates and many others. As a result, you can expect your email marketing team to build well-planned, well-written, well-designed, and comprehensive campaigns to maximize the success rate of your programs.

The same standard of expertise and efficiency is needed for an action plan, deciding where to go and what to do based on particular ad performance criteria.

Choosing the Right Email Outsource Provider

Once you have decided to outsource, it becomes crucial that you choose the right email marketing firm with extensive experience in creating email campaigns. It should have the expertise in providing related email services that include recurring campaigns, landing pages, assistance with list growth, microsites and so on.

Partnership with a client base comprising B2B and B2B businesses will be of additional value as their experiences will benefit your marketing efforts.

If you are unsure whether outsourcing will offer your business positive ROI, you must remember that the chosen email service agency will always try to prove their value. The experts will continually try to fill the gaps in your marketing approach by promising efficient and affordable solutions.

An outsourced partner is the best thing to happen to your email marketing venture.

Outsourced Email Marketing Takeaway

In conclusion, email marketing agencies have been launching and managing email marketing campaigns for years, and they have experience working with diverse sectors and consumer groups.

These specialists follow the email marketing best practices and have in-depth knowledge of the tools and strategies required to operate successful email list campaigns.

Let the team correspond with the outsourced ones is always a welcome idea. This way, you will ensure that your messages are effectively passed in transition. Keep a tab on the overall development and required changes to grow in the email marketing business and leverage it to the fullest. You can use the services of digital marketing companies to make most of email marketing.

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