As much as 91% of adults trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, while 93% of consumers admit that online reviews influence their buying decisions.

The importance of reliable, unbiased reviews cannot be overstated when it comes to tech products.

When considering a laptop purchase, consumers will turn to trusted tech review sites with unbiased articles written by industry experts. 56% of them will read at least four reviews before buying a product.

That is why we decided to do most of the heavy lifting for you and provide you with the list of absolute best tech product review sites where you can find reliable, genuine facts to help you make an informed decision.

Whether you’re looking for a new gadget or just interested in knowing more about the latest tech solutions, this list is for you!

Let’s get to it!

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The Best Tech Product Review Sites You Should Visit

Below, you will find our carefully curated list of dependable, regularly updated websites with reviews, case studies, expert articles and even an occasional online shop where you can purchase hardware products.

1. Solutions Review

Solutions Review tech review site
[Source: Solutions Review]

Solutions Review started in 2012 with the mission of reporting on the latest technology developments and making it “easier for people to know what options are available when considering a new solution.”

Since then, it has grown into a massive network of sites, each narrowly focused on specific categories and solutions, from application development over endpoint security to wireless networks.

Solutions Review’s team of editors reports on industry best practices, solutions and independent reviews daily. The tech review site also publishes its own resources for enterprise solution buyers.

Each dedicated Solutions Review website consists of a solutions directory, overviews, walkthroughs, buyer’s guides and downloadable books with in-depth information and resources.

The breadth of the website’s offering requires very comprehensive navigation. Top-side and right-hand-side menus help users locate the exact type of resource/solution they are looking for.

Key feature: Buyer’s guides save the site visitors’ time by summarizing the entire research on a certain solution in a downloadable PDF format. Buyer’s guides are a one-stop document containing profiles of top solution providers, frequently asked questions, category overview and bottom-line analysis.

2. tech review site
[Source:] is an India-focused review aggregator for a wide range of tech products and gadgets. Their team of reviewers and editors provides visitors with buying guides designed to help them find the exact kind of solution they need.

The goal of every article is to provide enough valuable information to the interested party to save them time and money. Their in-house team researches every product before each review is written, ensuring the influx of impartial and authentic content.

The laptops review section evaluates computers within a single price range so that visitors can find the best laptop within their budget.

Key feature: Every review page is remarkably readable and user-friendly. invested a lot of attention into a UX design that does not distract the reader from the essence of the content. With clearly indicated pros and cons, each product is meticulously reviewed in an unobtrusive environment.

3. Craving Tech

Craving Tech tech site review
[Source: Craving Tech]

Craving Tech is a tech review website and a blog focused on markets of Australia, United States, UK, Canada and India.

Besides focusing on tech news from these and other regions of the world, its team of editors also reviews the latest technology solutions and gadgets, games, app design and more.

The site covers a wide array of consumer electronics, from vacuum cleaners to laptops. Craving Tech’s hands-on reviews evaluate hundreds of products by well and lesser-known brands.

As proof of their expert nature, the website has won numerous accolades, from being ranked among the Top Australian blogs to being awarded Sitelinks by Google, as a certificate of trustworthiness.

The site has a blog section called Technology & Life Tips packed with sound advice on CMA platforms, crypto trading, business innovation and other trending topics.

Key feature: Craving Tech’s centerpiece is the Reviews section, where the website’s authors showcase their expertise and attention to detail when reviewing gadgets. Each review comes with unique photos of the product, category sections and a pros/cons verdict.

4. PCSite

PCSite tech site review
[Source: PCSite]

PCSite is a one-stop shop for all computer purchasing needs of their visitors, but the website sells much more than just finished laptops and PCs. They also supply motherboards, cables and adapters, mouse sets and other components.

What sets them apart from the rest is their pursuit to go the extra mile and provide their clients with refurbishment processes for desktops, laptops and accessories.

With a massive product catalog spanning from gaming laptops to workstations, their customer-focused solutions offer a broad range of hardware.

The website gives its customers the freedom to tailor their low-cost computer hardware solutions based on their specific needs. It also offers the option of creating a user account for a tailored website experience, making wish lists and even writing product reviews.

Key feature: Besides providing cost-friendly hardware solutions of the highest quality to their customers, PCSite offers seamless navigation of their huge hardware database through an intuitive search engine.

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5. WWWhatsnew

Wwwhatsnew tech site review
[Source: WWWhatsnew]

Launched in 2005, WWWhatsnew tech review site discusses the latest technology news, apps and buying tips.

Dedicated to “personal and professional growth”, the website updates its readers on services and events that are transforming the tech industry and offers insights into tech innovations and various online courses.

Their website navigation points to several key areas: electric bikes, educational projects, programming and design, productivity, internet advertising and marketing. Each section delivers in-depth, long-form content on topics belonging to these categories.

WWWhatsnew’s educational purpose is evident in the variety of its content: from the comprehensive laptop reviews to articles warning about safety issues in popular apps.

Key feature: Great readability, simple user interface and plenty of content make WWWhatsnew one of the hidden gems of tech resource websites.

6. Tech Lingo

Tech Lingo tech review site
[Source: Tech Lingo]

TechLingo is a technology review platform established in Singapore in 2015.

It provides visitors with high-end technology articles, video reviews and product recommendations. The site’s mission is to help readers discover the tech solutions that satisfy their professional and personal needs.

TechLingo’s team of reviewers strives to deliver honest and unbiased assessments of smartphones, laptops, cameras, smartwatches, payment systems, antivirus software and anything that comes between.

The reviews are neatly arranged according to their specific category and aided by a very legible page layout that helps keep the users focused on the important bits.

Key feature: TechLingo’s Guides section offers a rare insight into some of the intricate know-hows in cybersecurity, product learning, customer experience and product purchase. Tech-savvy Tech Lingo keeps the article pages clean and focused on usability and skimmability.

7. Mashable

Mashable best tech review sites
[Source: Mashable]

Mashable is a renowned online portal that encompasses multiple subjects, from health and wellness to social justice and tech reviews.

Founded in 2005, it attained a cult status among its followers and "techy" audience for its in-depth reviews of new technology solutions. The website uses a magazine type of layout, with a multitude of content sections arranged all over the home page, while the sticky navigation points to key user journey points of interest.

The hamburger menu in the top-left opens a whole new range of available pages and categories. The tech reviews page features several latest articles in a full-screen module above the fold, with others organized into separate categories and clickable tags that group reviews based on various criteria.

A rather extensive selection of content ends with the email-capturing subscription form that sends the latest reviews and deals straight to the reader's inbox.

Key feature: Mashable Shop is the centerpiece of the website, with software, gear, online courses and lifestyle goodies all available. The computer/tablet Shop section covers all eminent brands, from Apple and Acer to Lenovo and Dell.

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Tech Review Sites Takeaways

Reliable and unbiased tech review sites should be your go-tos when considering purchasing a tech product - be it a smartwatch, wireless earbuds or a laptop.

Becoming a regular visitor of these websites comes with plenty of benefits because they:

  • Save you the time you would spend on research
  • Save you the money you may spend on an inadequate tech product
  • Provide neutral, expert insights into each product or service
  • Help you connect with a community of people you can discuss tech products with and learn from
  • Provide a list of great deals you can make most of
  • Supply refurbishment processes for desktop and laptop computers
  • Help you with long-term planning and supply
  • Give you access to specialists you can reach out to when you need a bit of advice or support on any issue
  • Offer a one-of-a-kind knowledge resource in a form of e-Book guides, video reviews and other downloadables 
  • Condense info on all types of tech, gadgets, software and other solutions in one place

We will be updating and growing our list of best tech review sites on a regular basis, so make sure you don’t miss out on new entries!

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