Public Cloud Hosting Guide

Public Cloud Hosting Guide
Article by Sumana Ganguly
Last Updated: April 28, 2023

The public cloud is today's most sought-after and widely used cloud computing platform. With its promise of scalability, flexibility and affordability, it's easy to see why companies of all sizes are turning to the public cloud for their computing needs.

The coming year is sure to be an exciting one for cloud computing. Gartner predicts that end users will spend more than $591 billion on public clouds worldwide in 2023. With this, businesses are taking advantage of public cloud providers' many benefits.

This article has compiled a list of the top 10 public cloud hosting providers you can't afford to miss in 2023. We'll discuss the various features offered by these cloud providers and their pricing models so that you can make an informed decision for your business.

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What Is Public Cloud Hosting?

Public cloud hosting is an IT service model that enables organizations to store and access data, applications and other resources hosted by a third-party provider over the public internet.

Unlike traditional on-premises or private cloud servers, which are owned and operated by a single organization, public cloud hosting is owned and managed by a third-party provider.

Public Cloud Server vs. Private Cloud Server

Public cloud hosting provides organizations with on-demand access to computing power, storage and software services, often at a lower cost than traditional hosting solutions.

Public cloud hosting offers minimal capital investment and allows organizations to focus on their core business instead of managing the underlying hardware and software.

Meanwhile, private cloud hosting is a cloud computing solution in which an organization uses a dedicated, private infrastructure to host their applications, data and services.

Private clouds offer organizations greater control and customization of their environment while still providing the benefits of cloud computing.

What Is a Hybrid Cloud?

A hybrid cloud is an environment that uses both public and private clouds.

Hybrid clouds allow organizations to take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of public cloud hosting while leveraging the security and control offered by private clouds.

Given these benefits, it’s no wonder 82% of IT leaders have chosen to adopt the hybrid cloud approach.

10 Best Public Cloud Providers to Work With in 2023

Here are the top IT support companies that help businesses migrate to public cloud hosting solutions and manage their cloud infrastructure.

Fuerza Studio

Average Hourly Rate: $40/hr

Fuerza Studio has a team of developers and creatives that enjoy challenges and embrace any cause.

Having worked with hundreds of clients in 20+ countries worldwide, they are adept at bringing visions to life. Their roster of clients includes Veritone, Medal, United Nations University, Jam City, Ready Set and more.

They believe that creativity is the fuel that drives them forward, so they're constantly searching for new ways to push their clients' work ahead.

You can never go wrong with a public hosting provider crushing it in the game for more than a decade with impressive results.


Average Hourly Rate: $35/hr

Strategic. Transformative. Functional. This is how Mangosoft defines its solutions.

A software engineering company based in California, this agency comprises niche experts with relevant tech skills delivering value.

Their collaborations alone can speak for the quality of their work, having worked closely with EBRD, Electronic Arts and TouchPress.

If you're looking to build a long-term partnership with the right public cloud server provider, Mangosoft is your best bet.

DevsData Tech Talent LLC

Average Hourly Rate: $55/hr

If we're talking about premium quality, then DevsData Tech Talent LLC is your choice.

The New York-based software development agency takes pride in its Google-level engineers and senior expert contractors, making them the go-to company for demanding projects.

Founded by experts who have worked at Intel Technology, Goldman Sachs and Google, DevsData has a proven capability of providing you with a robust public cloud server that's at par with industry standards.


Average Hourly Rate: $30/hr

Whether you're a startup or a large enterprise, Simform can provide world-class service with its agile product teams.

Founded in 2010, their team of over 1,000 experts has worked with various organizations, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Simform's clients include Red Bull, PepsiCo, Sony Music, Hilton, Boy Scouts of America, Mitsubishi and Georgia-Pacific, earning them a pristine reputation in the public cloud hosting field.

CIO Landing

Average Hourly Rate: Inquire

Working with a public cloud services provider entails an agency you can entirely rely on, and CIO Landing is all about that.

Founded in 2002, this 20-year-old agency has mastered the ins and outs of IT.

What makes them unique is that, unlike other companies that offer a one-size-fits-all solution, CIO Landing goes beyond to create one that's thoroughly tailor-fit for your business goals.

The team ensures they take the time to understand your objectives to meet and exceed your needs.


Average Hourly Rate: $100/hr

You want to work with an agency specializing in cloud computing, but you also need a company that can deliver all the services your company needs.

If you need an agency that will provide you with all of these things in one place, consider Advascale.

With a team of 40+ engineers and architects, Advascale is an expert in modernizing business processes within the cloud.

The agency caters to businesses of all sizes, delivering superior cloud computing capabilities to help your business reach its full potential.


Average Hourly Rate: $30/hr

With over 15 years of experience and 1,000+ successful projects delivered to customers worldwide, Scopic takes pride in being a one-stop shop for industry innovation.

As an award-winning software development company, Scopic has consistently proven its commitment to quality, innovation and trustworthiness.

Their team of experts constantly pushes the boundaries of technology, creating solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Whatever your niche is, you can count on Scopic to deliver. Their experienced developers will help you plan, build and promote your applications so you can focus on growing your business.


Average Hourly Rate: $45/hr

Since 1991, ELEKS has been offering cutting-edge technologies and services to technology challengers alike.

With over more than 700 projects delivered and over 100 active clients including Fortune 500 companies, this agency has proven its consistent track record of innovation and excellence.

With over 30 years of experience delivering high-tech innovations to Fortune 500 companies, big enterprises and technology challengers, ELEKS has earned its place as one of the best cloud providers for business owners looking for digital transformation solutions.

Altoros Labs

Average Hourly Rate: $50/hr

With Altoros Labs, your team can access the resources and support needed to scale up without much effort.

Comprised of a team of top software engineers in Argentina, this agency can build and scale a development team in weeks— not months.

Global 2000 organizations trust Altoros Labs, as the agency has decades of success and results that solidify its promise.


Average Hourly Rate: $50/hr

An unstoppable force in the field, Zazz has been at the forefront of software design and development innovation. At Zazz, they leverage a bottom-up approach and work extra hard to ensure their clients always get the best results. This means that the user's journey, engagement metrics, and footprint are key considerations in the overall digital experience.

This approach has allowed them to be one of the most innovative companies in North America, with clients ranging from the Harvard Innovation Labs to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

How Can Public Cloud Providers Help Your Business

Public cloud providers offer businesses a wide range of benefits, including scalability, agility, cost savings and reliability.

With public cloud hosting, businesses can quickly and easily scale their resources up or down as needed without purchasing additional hardware or software.

This flexibility allows companies to expand their operations without overcommitting to expensive IT investments.

For any business looking to build a robust cloud infrastructure that can withstand the rapid changes in technology, this list of 10 public cloud providers is a great starting point for IT outsourcing and finding the ideal partner for your business.

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