What Differentiates A Branding Agency In Chicago From Its Other US-Based Competitors?

Chicago features a strong, globally diverse economy and friendly business climate. It is well known for the fast-growing unicorn startups and the influx of entrepreneurs starting new ventures.

The city is also home to 27 Fortune 1,000 companies and some of the global brands headquartered here are:

  • McDonald’s
  • Boeing
  • United Continental Holdings
  • Conagra Brands

So, with its diverse economy and stable business climate, Chicago attracts both investors and skilled talent to serve the fast-growing businesses.

In addition, when compared to New York, NY, Chicago has a lower cost of living or more precisely -42.5%.

It means that these companies will deliver high-quality services at highly competitive rates.

Serving global and well-established brands, branding agencies in Chicago are also bound to stay on top of trends and emerging technologies to help their clients take competitive advantage and foster growth.

Branding agencies in Chicago: a business owner and a brand specialist signing a contract
Almost 60% of consumers would rather buy new products from brands they know

What Do Branding Agencies In Chicago Do?

Branding agencies in Chicago are experts at crafting memorable, consistent and engaging brands.

Some of the services they offer include:

  • Brand strategy: This includes defining brand’s existence and goals, determining an audience and performing competitor research. During this process, the brand specialists help their clients develop a promise, create identity and brand guidelines. They also advise businesses on the best channels to use and how to bring their products/services to the market successfully.
  • Consulting: The consulting services of a branding agency in Chicago include conducting marketplace and competitor research to analyze your brand performance. They will analyze your audience, discover their pain points and recommend strategies that can affect the overall identity, from product packaging to advertising campaigns. In addition, these companies perform audits to ensure the goals that you have set are aligned.
  • Brand identity: Building a brand identity is all about being authentic and different from your competitors. This process incorporates the development of a name, logo, website, business cards and other elements that will make your brand memorable and recognizable. The partner you hire will ensure your identity communicates your personality consistently so that it builds trust and loyalty among prospects that will influence their buying decisions.
  • Advertising materials: A branding agency in Chicago will focus on advertising your business both online and offline. They will create campaigns, design adverts, flyers, brochures and other materials based on the needs of your company and distribute them on the right channels and in the hands of your potential clients. Through advertising, your agency will help you establish strong connections and build long-term relationships with your customers.

Almost 60% of consumers would rather buy new products from brands they know. It means that buyers trust brands more than they trust businesses that are not familiar with.

Branding agencies in Chicago will create branding strategies to build brand awareness, generate trust, engage and convert your audience

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How Much Do Branding Companies In Chicago Charge For Their Services?

Most branding agencies in Chicago bill for their work on hourly rates and time estimates. In other words, they will charge you for the amount of hours they will spend on your project.

In this case, the cost varies and ranges between at $100 and $200 per hour.

Some companies also charge a flat fee and they can approximately charge you this much for the following services:

  • Logo ($2,500+),
  • Name ($7,500 to $75,000+),
  • Website ($10,000 to $250,000+),
  • Social media management ($4,000 to $7,000).

Why Hire A Branding Agency In Chicago?

Here are the top advantages of working with a Chicago-based company:

  • World-leading expertise: Thanks to its stable business climate and low cost of living, Chicago attracts some of the finest brand specialists in the US and the world. So, these agencies employ some of the best talent in the industry who foster a trend-setting approach to branding that helps businesses accelerate growth.
  • Reach the local and global market: Chicago-based branding agencies understand the local market you operate in. They have unique insights about your audience, market trends, opportunities and challenges. Being locals themselves, they can help you reach your local audience the best. What’s more, these companies have worked with global brands and they understand the competitive landscape. So, they have the experience and the know-how to help you expand your business globally.
  • Outperform competition: A key quality of the best branding agencies in Chicago is their ability to stay on top of growing trends. They take those trends and transform them into dedicated strategies and campaigns to help brands stay ahead of the competition. These companies also track the competitive market through premium tools and consumer outreach. They craft a competitive analysis through reports and presentations. Similarly, they stay in-the-know about changes in audience makeup and trends that drive sales and push businesses ahead of their competitors.
A branding agency in Illinois having a meeting
The cost of living in Chicago is -42.5% lower than in NYC

How To Choose The Best Branding Agency In Chicago?

Choosing a long-term partner is a demanding process and can take quite some time.

However, consider the following factors to speed up the research process and select the best branding agency in Chicago easily:

  • Ask for a similar or relevant experience: Go through the portfolios of the potential companies to learn about their past performance and find out whether they have worked on projects similar to yours. These experts that understand the environment you operate in well can accelerate project delivery.
  • Read their reviews: Find out what past and current clients say about the best branding agencies in Chicago to understand how reliable they are. Reviews will also give you insights into the way these companies deliver their projects, whether they meet deadlines and how transparent they are when it comes to planning and pricing.
  • Find out what ROI they can deliver: Since branding is a costly investment, you would like to ensure the agency you hire meets your goals. This is why you should understand what strategies they employ to meet your objectives and what kind of ROI you can expect.
  • Consider communication: Communication is a key factor that can make or break a project. Obviously, you would like to partner with an agency that is easy to collaborate with. To ensure your project’s success, select a company that clearly defines the communication channels and contact person at the beginning of your partnership and which allows easy flow of information.
  • Observe their company culture: You will invest in a long-term partnership so you need to make sure your partner is collaborative and matches your personality and working style.

Pro tip: Make sure you clearly define your goals or the reason why you are investing your time and money in branding or rebranding. This will help you select a partner that can meet your objectives.

What’s more, define your requirements precisely and create a list that you will share with the potential companies to see which of them has the ability to deliver what you need.

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10 Questions To Ask Branding Companies In Chicago Before You Hire Them

Developing a brand is a task that requires time, patience and expertise. And, choosing the right partner for your business needs may be a daunting process.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of key questions you need to ask the potential Chicago branding agencies.

Go through them and find a partner that matches your requirements:

  1. What goals would you set for my project if we were to work together?
  2. Can you guide me in the process of branding?
  3. Which platforms, mediums and tools will you incorporate during our project?
  4. How can your branding approach help me outperform my competitors?
  5. How are we going to communicate?
  6. Will I be involved in the project and how?
  7. What is the timeline for the project?
  8. How will I track your performance?
  9. What kind of ROI can I expect?
  10. How do you charge for your services?

Takeaways On Branding Agencies In Chicago

Many organizations outsource their projects to branding agencies in Chicago particularly for:

  • The high-quality services they offer at budget-friendly rates
  • Their industry expertise
  • Their access to premium tools and technologies

Their billing structures will mostly depend on the type and scope of the project.

However, while some of them charge per project, others charge per hour and may approximately ask for prices starting at $100.

These are the recommended steps to selecting the best partner for your business:

  • Ask for a similar or relevant experience
  • Read their reviews
  • Find out what ROI they can deliver
  • Consider communication
  • Observe their company culture

Best of luck!


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