What Makes Advertising Agencies in Chicago Unique?

Chicago is infamous for its harsh winters, but it's also a hospitable environment for entrepreneurs, beating the other metropolitan areas trying to compete. So, if you want to stand out in the city, you'll need the assistance of an advertising agency in Chicago.

Let's look at the features that make these ad agencies unlike any other.

Feature #1: Chicago Attracts Venture Capitalists

Technological innovations make it more affordable for entrepreneurs to build a startup firm in Chicago. The city continues to attract venture capitalists planning to bid on a bolder, fresher concept, making the town an advantageous site for startups.

Because the city steadily continues to attract venture capitalists, Chicago has a healthy startup climate, one of the region's positive sides.

The city's increasing population of startup companies means fierce competition. Each firm will have to think of ways to make its products or services unique, and that's where an advertising agency in Chicago can help you.

Chicago advertisers can think of strategies or approaches to help establish your brand in the city, even if you're a startup company.

Feature #2: Chicago Is a Major Midwestern Region

Building your business on the West Coats limits your options in developing fresher ideas, connecting with like-minded people across the country, or meeting with partners. However, being in the Midwest is a different story. Chicago has a central location, making the place more accessible.

Tech companies, including Facebook and Google, have satellite offices in Chicago. The city's accessible location draws in more talent, allowing local firms access to talented individuals.

In turn, it helps each agency in the area to lift one another. For example, an advertising agency in Chicago helps your business meet your needs and objectives.

Because the city also has a vast number of tech talent, an ad agency in the region will always have access to the latest resources and approaches in the industry. You can use those to develop and grow your business while also earning significant savings.

Feature #3: Chicago Offers a Reasonable Cost of Living

Chicago's cost of living is cheaper than other coastal cities like New York and Silicon Valley. Moreover, the median home value is $226,200 – $500 more affordable than the U.S. figure. Based on Zillow's online real estate database, the average monthly residential rate in the city is $1,691.

Compare it to Manhattan's median home value, which is at $1.1 million, and median residential rent, which is at $3,217, according to StreetEasy.

That makes Chicago more affordable for businesses regarding employee salaries and office spaces. You can have a diverse clientele. The city's affordability continues to attract people from other towns.

Having more consumers to accommodate can be challenging because you have to keep up with their ever-changing habits and preferences. That's where an advertising agency in Chicago can help you.

They can conduct market research to analyze your local market's behaviors, allowing them to develop the most efficient strategies for your business.

advertising agencies Chicago: Chicago’s skyline​
Chicago is the best metropolitan area for corporate expansions and relocations​

What Do Advertising Firms in Chicago Specialize In?

An advertising agency in Chicago offers various advertising services across all markets and media. They use different tactics, including social media, email marketing, and advertising, to produce an integrated marketing strategy. Here's an overview of what they specialize in:

In addition to the services mentioned above, they also have other specializations, including:

  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • UX/UI design
  • Video production
  • Packaging design
  • Event planning and marketing
  • Creative marketing
  • Logo design

Find an agency that fits your market and understands your audience if you want to reach your goals efficiently and within the shortest time possible.

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Why Hire an Advertising Company in Chicago?

Here's a list of reasons you should partner with an advertising agency in Chicago.

Reason #1: They Are Familiar with the Local Business Ecosystem

Working with a Chicago ad agency means accessing a wealth of knowledge that could benefit your business. That's because they are familiar with local audiences, competitors, and the city's history and culture. This valuable data will enable them to effectively promote your brand to local customers and build connections with other businesses in the area.

Reason #2: They Will Focus on Your Business Growth

Hiring an advertising agency in Chicago focused on helping clients generate business growth might give you the kind of attention you deserve.

Unlike other ad agencies that operate nationally, an advertising agency in Chicago will invest their energy and resources in your company's growth and health.

Reason #3: They Foster Business Connections in the Area

Chicago's advertising firms have built local connections you can use to grow your business. Their local network may also help you anticipate your competitor's actions and develop a unique marketing strategy. That will differentiate your brand and highlight your connection to the local community.

They have the business connections and resources to make your brand part of the community.

Reason #4: They Are More Focused on the Community

Unlike a national ad company, an advertising agency in Chicago is committed to the community. That way, they'll understand that your success helps the area prosper. They'll dedicate themselves to promptly responding to your concerns or issues as quickly as possible to ensure success.

It'll also help your brand grow through highly efficient marketing strategies.

Reason #5: They Can Also Help You Focus on Your Business

Hiring one of the top-rated advertising companies in Chicago also allows you to focus on the more crucial aspects of your organization. Because they'll also be operating in the background, they'll be aware of the conditions and changes in the local market that require your undivided attention.

Hiring locally will also not distract you from crucial duties because the local agency's representatives will know when to direct your attention elsewhere if necessary.

How Much Do Chicago Ad Agencies Charge for Their Services?

Advertising agencies in Chicago have an average rate of $100 to $200/hour. But you can still find agencies that charge a lower price. Meanwhile, other advertisers in Chicago charge $75/hour.

Nearly all agencies will also charge $1,000 – $10,000per project, while other companies can charge $10,000 – $25,000per project. However, other firms charge $50,000 and above for a project.

Bear in mind that each agency's rates differ due to different factors, including:

  • Ad schedules
  • Campaign age
  • Performance
  • Ad platform
  • And more
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How To Find the Right Advertising Firms in Chicago for Your Business?

Even with some background in advertising, it's still challenging to develop a well-defined strategy to grow your business. That's why you'll have to rely on external professional help. Here's a short guide to help you find the right advertising agency in Chicago for your business.

1. Check Their Expertise

Working with an advertising agency in Chicago with a deep understanding of your business needs and the market is best. You also have to ensure they offer the services you need. Though you only want to invest in a few benefits, it's advisable to pick a full-service advertising agency in Chicago so you can add a few services to your strategies down the road.

However, if you can't find a full-service ad agency in the area, you can still work with smaller firms. The only problem with these companies is that they outsource certain aspects of the project or work with multiple companies to provide the services you need.

In addition, they'll also ensure that each team stays connected. It ensures the team develops campaigns using the industry's best practices.

2. Set a Budget for Your Project

Investing in high-quality advertising means you'll have to be prepared to spend a massive amount of money. Most advertising companies in Chicago offer a package deal that already includes a wide array of services. So, make sure to outline your budget.

3. Establish Clear Communication Channels

Ensure that the advertising agency you choose as your partner in Chicago has established clear communication channels. Reading client feedback is one of the best ways to learn whether a Chicago ad agency maintains effective communication with clients.

4. Check the Agency's Reputation

Looking into the online reputation of an advertising firm in Chicago is one of the final steps you'll have to take in your research process. That can include reading the reviews of their existing and previous clients.

Bear in mind that every company needs to have a solid online presence. In short, you shouldn't hire a random ad agency to help you develop your business.

5. Discuss Your Goals and Needs

A good advertising agency in Chicago will also help you set your goals correctly. Therefore, you'll have to look for the best ad agency to help you develop your goal. Nearly all Chicago advertisers will work with you in determining your goals and outlining a realistic timeframe.

10 Questions to Ask Advertising Companies in Chicago

  1. Can you tell me more about your previous clients and the campaigns implemented?
  2. How frequently will I work with your team?
  3. How frequently will we meet to discuss my campaigns and deliverables?
  4. Which part of my campaign will be outsourced, if any?
  5. How will you track campaign success and ROI?
  6. Will you track and analyze conversion rates?
  7. How exactly will you optimize my campaign?
  8. Will I receive transparent reports? What's included in it?
  9. How will you pick which representative should work for my brand?
  10. What's the scope and size of a typical ad campaign?

Takeaways on Advertising Agencies in Chicago

Chicago has an excellent business environment that allows local entrepreneurs to grow their businesses efficiently. With the city's technological innovations, it's more affordable to start a business because Chicago continues to attract venture capitalists.

However, that will only make the competition fiercer than ever, so you'll have to be innovative.

An advertising agency in Chicago can help develop bolder, fresher ideas to ensure your business' growth and success. The city's central location also attracts more talent, giving local firms access to highly talented individuals. Most of these individuals are technologically adept.

They'll be more familiar with the latest approaches that appeal to your clients and help develop the concepts needed to achieve your desired benefits.

Chicago is home to different ad agencies, so you'll have to be careful in picking which one to hire. One factor you'll have to consider is their average rates.

On average, they charge $100 to $200 per hour. However, other agencies will charge as low as $75 per hour — meanwhile, their average rates per project range from $1,000 to $10,000. You can also find other agencies that charge $50,000 and above per project.

It's best to educate yourself on what you'll have to consider when hiring one, including their references, portfolio, case studies, and specializations.

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