5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Rebranding Agency for Your Business

So, you've decided that it's time to rebrand your business.

Not necessarily because you want to, but because your customers tell you they do.

And let's face the truth — most businesses need a new identity to succeed in today's competitive market.

The problem: there are many companies out there claiming to be experts at rebranding businesses. But only a few live up to their promises.

This guide aims to help you pick a rebranding agency that is best suited for your particular situation and budget. Use it as an evaluation checklist to guide your decision-making process to choose the ideal partner for your rebranding needs!

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What is a Rebranding Agency?

A rebranding agency is a company that specializes in creating new identities for companies, organizations or even individuals.

The work they do for your brand includes:

  • Logo
  • Name
  • Brand colors
  • Tagline/slogan
  • Font
  • Typography
  • Iconography
  • Stationery
  • Email templates
  • Product packaging
  • Additional visual elements

For instance, they can help you decide which colors best represent your brand. After all, using a signature color for your brand can boost recognition by 80%.

You might have an idea of what color scheme would look best for your business (e.g., red, blue, yellow), but what if it turns out that these colors don't work together?

You might want something different from orange and red—maybe green or blue? A good rebranding agency can tell you exactly which colors would look better on your business's website or social media pages.

Complete Rebranding VS Partial Rebranding

Rebranding can be done in two ways:

  • A complete rebranding, where the company is wholly changed, and a new brand identity is created for it. Also called a brand overhaul, it is the most expensive kind of rebranding because it involves all aspects of the business: from a new logo to a new color palette, to new branding materials and marketing strategies.
  • A partial rebranding means you keep your existing elements and name but make some changes to other components of the brand identity so that they fit better with the new logo and name, for instance.

Why You Should Outsource Your Rebranding Needs

The benefit of using an outsourced rebranding service is that you don't have to take the costs and resources required for this project on your own.

If you outsource the rebranding process, you will not have to hire a head designer or other specialists who can work on another project of a different kind.

You also don't have to hire additional marketing specialists and keep them in the loop for your branding process.

Here are four major benefits you can enjoy from outsourcing your rebranding needs:

  • Outsourcing your rebranding project allows you to be up-to-date on the latest marketing, design, and technology trends. This can give you an edge in understanding what makes other brands successful.
  • Outsourcing is a great way to ensure that happens without breaking the bank or adding too many hours to your workload. Outsourcing helps reduce company expenses. According to Deloitte, 59% of companies outsource to control costs.
  • You know precisely what you're getting into and are able to focus on other aspects of your business while someone else handles the work. Plus, their focus is on only one thing—and that thing is getting results!
  • Having someone else involved can help you see things from an outside perspective. There will always be blind spots that only come when someone else looks at it for themselves and sees things differently.
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5 Things to Consider When Evaluating a Rebranding Agency

You're ready to rebrand your business, and you want to find the right partner.

But how do you know if an agency is the right choice?

To set you up with everything you need to find the best partner for your branding needs, here are five things to consider:

Performance is Better Than Agency Size

When you're first starting your rebranding, you're going to be drawn to larger agencies—you'll think they'll be the less risky option. But that's not necessarily true!

While size can indicate a company's success, it can also be misleading.

There are plenty of small businesses that have been around for years and are still thriving—and there are plenty of large ones that are struggling. The key here is finding the right fit for your needs.

Focus on performance rather than size.

Most people naturally assume that the bigger an agency is, the less risk their work will be associated with.

After all, if you're choosing an agency based on size, why would you choose one that's smaller? It makes sense: the bigger a company is, the more recognizable its name and brand are (and, therefore, presumably more secure).

But there are some drawbacks to choosing a large agency: they tend to work with prominent clients on long-term capital-intensive contracts with large production budgets. They also tend to be more traditional in their process—they'll use corporate timelines instead of growth stage or start-up pace.

Meanwhile, small and medium-sized businesses represent over 90% of the business population, so they are critical people in innovation.

Smaller agencies bring multiple benefits to their clients: they will be almost entirely focused on your business; you'll have access to their best talent, projects tend to be smaller because fewer overheads.

Let Their Portfolio Speak For Themselves

When looking for a rebranding agency, it's essential to consider their portfolio.

You want an agency that can bring new life to your brand, but you also want one that has been successful at what they do in the past.

Consider how their previous strategies and designs could be applied to your business.

If you don't have confidence in their ability, it may be because they aren't using insights and research to inform their actions.

Ask yourself:

Are the designs and strategies in their portfolio something that could be adapted to your business?

  • Are they looking for patterns that can inform new approaches?
  • And how do they use insights and research to inform their work?

If you feel confident in their ability, it will prove that they can adapt, think proactively and ground their actions in industry insights.

A great agency that specializes in your industry will be able to help you think through how your company will look and feel from every angle—from logo design to marketing materials and everything in between.

It can be tempting to pick an agency based on their portfolio and size, but this is a mistake in itself.

Look Past the Figures

When choosing a rebranding agency, the price is essential—but it's not all there is to consider.

Have you ever wondered how your choice impacts the long-term success of your new brand?

If you go with a large agency that offers lower prices but less specialized services, will it result in an outdated brand in just a few years?

Or will you have a practical rebranding toolkit that will last for decades?

The answer to this question is crucial because rebranding has long-term effects on your business.

If you want to ensure your rebranding project is successful in the long run, think beyond the price.

That's why you need to look past the figures and consider the big picture— even if it means paying a little more upfront.

A big company might have lower starting costs but more specialized services. A small company may have better insight into your audience's expectations and can offer more personalized solutions.

Search for a Partner That's in it For the Long Term

Brand identity is a long-term commitment. And rebranding requires active effort and management. You need someone willing to work with you over time—not just provide a one-time service.

You'll need an agency that will be your partner on that journey to help guide you through it and ensure that you're getting what you need.

After your rebranding is complete, there are still so many things left to do: market it, keep track of how effective it is and ensure that everything is working as intended.

A true partner will help you stay on top of all these things, ensuring that your rebranding efforts are always in sync with your brand strategy.

Assess Their Work, Process and Reputation

Ask questions about their process and their goals for your brand. The best way to get an answer is by asking specific questions like:

  • What does your process look like?
  • What are some examples of your success stories?
  • How would you describe our target audience?

These will help you better understand what kind of work they do.

Regarding rebranding, a robust process means more than just a well-defined process. It means an approach that is grounded in objective evidence and that ensures quality work on time

The last thing you want when you're working on rebranding is to have a company that doesn't deliver.

That's why it's so important to assess the agency's reputation. If an agency has an excellent and all their clients have been happy with their work, then there's a good chance that their rebranding skills will be top-notch as well!

Try to look at their testimonials on their website or social media accounts before hiring them.

Rebranding Agency Evaluation: Final Thoughts

Rebranding is a way to adapt your business to the needs of the present, and it can be a great way to move forward from your old image as you've outgrown your original mission.

There's no doubt that rebranding is a huge investment—it can take months or even years, and it's one of the smartest investments you can make in your business.

With a rebrand agency in your corner, your business can take on a new, more improved identity, leading to better sales and more customers.

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