What Makes Boise SEO Agency Unique?

Boise SEO companies offer similar services as their US-based peers - however, they are different in a couple of key aspects:

1. Boise Attracts Top Talent

The City of Trees has been called the best place for millennials to live in the US, attracting so-called transplants from states like California, Washington and others with its significantly lower cost of living and growing tech scene.

In addition to attracting out-of-state talent, local colleges like Boise State University and the College of Idaho ensure future generations of skilled professionals will be ready to step in and lead the area's ever-growing companies.

Also, several Fortune 500 companies that offer plenty of career opportunities are headquartered in the city, including:

  • Albertsons
  • Micron Technology
  • Boise Cascade

Boise had a total of 29,623 tech sector job openings in 2021 and is ranked among the best 20 cities for jobs in the US.

The cost of living in the city is 5.3% lower than the national average and the affordable living conditions allow Boise’s residents to save more money and not be overwhelmed by high expenses.

The employment opportunities coupled with lower living expenses make Boise an appealing landing point for both young and seasoned SEO professionals.

2. Thriving Startup Environment

In the past few years, Boise is continuously retaining its position as one of the fastest-growing urban areas in the US. It has emerged as one of the Northwest’s up-and-coming tech hubs, threatening the likes of Seattle, Austin and even the Silicon Valley.

According to CompTIA’s 2021 Cyberstates report, Boise is home to 1,213 tech business establishments.

These mostly newly founded businesses within the tech industry are most likely to outsource Boise SEO services to increase their visibility in search and grow their brand awareness.

Local SEO companies:

  • Provide nationally competitive services
  • Use premium tools and resources for their SEO research
  • Deliver measurable and ROI-focused results
Boise SEO companies
Boise is declared to be the best place for millennials to live in the United States

What Does A Boise SEO Company Do?

SEO companies in Boise execute proven strategies to help clients ascend to the top of search engine rankings, improve their brand visibility and boost organic traffic.

Usually, they specialize in:

  • On-page SEO: SEO is rooted in keyword research and focused on developing content that is relevant and optimized for both search engines and target audiences’ search intent.
  • Technical SEO: The application of backend optimizations that help search engine crawlers understand your website better, improve UX, increase page speed, optimize for mobile search and more.
  • Off-page SEO: A set of tasks that increase your website’s authority and credibility. These may include link building, influencer outreach, press mentions, guest posting and more.
  • Local SEO: Development of your local search strategy to help you reach and attract new customers in your local area.

Most SEO agencies in Boise, Idaho also provide related, additional services such as:

  • SEO audit
  • Market research
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Content marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • eCommerce marketing
  • PPC (pay-per-click advertising)
  • And more
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Why Should You Hire SEO In Boise, Idaho? 

The main reason why you should outsource your SEO to Boise-based companies is to leverage their extensive experience of the locally dominant industries, like:

  • Technology/IT
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Food production
  • Energy

Local companies that employ the services of Boise SEO agencies gather a unique insight into:

  • Local business environment
  • Local market trends
  • Local audience
  • Industry keywords
  • Competitors

If you operate in one of these major sectors, hiring an SEO agency in Boise can help you scale your business to new heights.

Additionally, the city’s big employers and stable job market attract some of the finest professionals in the nation.

In Boise, you will find skilled and highly accomplished SEO experts that will help you successfully execute any project at hand.

How Much Do Boise SEO Companies Charge For Their Services?

Simply put, Boise SEO companies have two charging structures:

  • Per hour
  • Per project

Most Boise SEO companies have an average hourly rate between $100 and $149. Projects are valued anywhere between $1,000 and $10,000+.

Whichever option you may opt for, the cost for Boise SEO services will mainly depend on two key factors:

  • The company’s reputation and size
  • The SEO project complexity

How To Choose The Right Boise SEO Company To Partner With

Before you start your search for the best SEO agency in Boise, it’s crucial to clearly outline your business goals and determine what you want to achieve by partnering with a specialized SEO company.

Follow this roadmap to ensure you’re choosing the right Boise SEO company for your business:

1. Review Their Past Work

Previous experience and company history can tell you a lot about the company. Examine your prospective agency’s previous projects to get an accurate picture of their expertise, capabilities and resources.

You should focus on details such as:

  • Industry experience: Did they work on any projects within your specific niche and industry and have they solved similar business problems you currently face? Having specific industry knowledge can contribute to project success and accelerate results delivery.
  • Ability to deliver successful results: Check their clients’ websites to see how they rank on Google’s SERP.

2. Learn What Tools They Use

SEO skill is often toothless without the proper toolset and resources. It’s advisable to find out what type of SEO tools a company has access to as they are highly valuable for a successful and long-term SEO strategy.

SEO companies typically use expensive software and programs to develop their strategies such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz and more. These can help:

  • Determine the most valuable keywords for your business
  • Provide competitive analysis
  • Gather data on your audience’s search intent
  • Offer backlinks information
  • And more

These tools help SEO specialists in the creation of efficient campaigns so make sure to ask which ones they’re using and how exactly they will utilize them in your project.

3. How They Report Result

The SEO agency you choose as your future partner should be able to gather relevant analytics and provide accurate reports.

Try to establish how they track and measure the performance of implemented SEO strategies.

These analytical reports will help you determine your website’s performance when it comes to traffic, conversions and search engine rankings. Plus, they will reveal whether the specialists’ ongoing efforts are effective or not.

4. Evaluate Their Company Culture

It’s advisable to partner with an agency that can also act as an extension of your in-house team.

Choose an agency partner that:

  • Shares the same views, values and culture as you
  • Is enthusiastic about the work they do
  • Is communicative and cooperative

5. Read Their Client Reviews

Take the time to read all the SEO companies’ client reviews as they will provide you with insights into their:

  • Processes and management style
  • Reliability and flexibility
  • Transparency and efficiency

These can help you get a clear idea of what your future collaboration may look like.

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10 Questions To Ask Boise SEO Experts

When selecting your future partner among the sea of SEO agencies in Boise, be sure to ask them these questions:

  1. Have you worked on projects within our industry?
  2. How qualified are the specialists working on our account and do they know our niche?
  3. Do you have experience in local SEO?
  4. How will you tailor your strategies to our specific business goals?
  5. When can we expect to see the first results? How long will it take our website to rank on search engine results?
  6. What type of SEO tools do you use to develop your strategies?
  7. Do you also provide content production in your offering?
  8. What are your pricing structures? What will be the total cost of the project?
  9. Do you stay ahead of the latest Google algorithms and industry trends?
  10. How will our team be involved in the project?

Boise SEO Companies Takeaways

With plentiful work opportunities and an affordable cost of living, Boise is a welcoming hub for top-rated talent from around the US, including SEO experts.

Boise SEO companies are sure to employ well-educated and skilled experts who offer quality services. They tend to be more competent in delivering projects for clients within the region’s predominant sectors: IT/technology, advanced manufacturing, energy and more.

Most Boise SEO companies charge between $100 and $149 per hour.

To find the right partner for your business, make sure to follow these five steps:

  • Examine their previous work
  • Find out what SEO tools they use
  • Figure out how they report results
  • Assess their company culture
  • Read their client reviews

Best of luck!

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