What Makes an SEO Company in India Unique?  

There is a significant investment in technological advancement in India, including, digital platforms. The rising demand is due to the growing consumer base, which is impacted mainly by the higher usage of smartphones and social media.  

The digital market in India is impacted by the global digital marketing industry which reached a value of nearly $353 billion in 2020. 

The competitive consumer market of India attracted global business giants, and more companies are investing in India’s capital market. The amount of foreign institutional investments (FIIs) is $10 billion and is expected to rise.  

Foreign direct investments (FDI) have also grown around 85.1% to $46.5 billion from $25.1 billion. 

The investments are primarily focused on sectors such as: 

  • CPG 
  • BFSI 
  • Media 
  • Entertainment 
  • Telecommunications 

There is a significant shift from television to on-demand video platforms, and this rising trend is boosting online advertisement, hence the demand for SEO strategies.

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Indian digital market will reach a value of $930 billion by 2026.
[Source: Expert Market Research]

What Does an SEO Agency in India Specialize in?  

The Indian digital market is driven by global industry, which grew at a CAGR of 17.6% and will reach a value of $930 billion by 2026. 

Working with India SEO services means collaborating with a highly experienced and equipped team that is aligned with the latest Google updates. Hence, they offer customized SEO packages that fit various business needs and budgets. 

These agencies can have expertise in different industries, such as: 

  • BFSI (banking, financial services, and insurance) 
  • Automation 
  • Technology 
  • Education 
  • eCommerce 
  • Food and beverages 
  • Non-profit 
  • Healthcare and Fitness 
  • Energy 
  • Travel and hospitality 

A search engine optimization company in India can provide marketing services that are designed to: 

  • Identify your company’s strengths 
  • Market opportunities 
  • Convert leads into sales 

Implementation of this strategy plays a crucial role in search results ranking. These firms optimize your website and create measurable results with the following services: 

  • SEO strategy implementation: When you aim for a successful campaign, you need a custom SEO strategy for your company’s service or product.  
  • Competitor and keywords analysis: Using the right keywords is a crucial point to success. SEO companies in India can conduct an in-depth keyword analysis based on your competitors. This helps you choose the ones that makes your brand stay ahead. 
  • Traffic analysis and report: Online traffic generation is focused on various channels that blend marketing tools to generate high traffic. To know if you gained the benefits of the campaign, ask the agency for interpretable reports. 
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Why Hire a Search Engine Optimization Company in India?  

Indian advertising market was valued at nearly $8 billion in 2020 and is further expected to grow at a CAGR of 11% from 2022 to 2027. 

For your business to succeed in this digital age, it is important to rank on the top of the search engine result pages only for the relevant keywords inside essential your niche. To get organic traffic, a good SEO strategy must be implemented.  

The expertise in India can be broadly categorized based on advertisement segments: 

  • Television advertising 
  • Print advertising 
  • Radio advertising 
  • Internet/Online advertising 
  • Mobile advertising 
  • Outdoor advertising 

An SEO company in India will help you get a return on investment (ROI) on your marketing costs through local search and SEO.  

The agency will ensure your website ranks well in the SERPs and help your content be more discoverable. 

Search engine optimization companies in India can provide your company with relevant results and deliver unique solutions by: 

  • Researching the needs of both your website and business 
  • Creating content that engages and delivers results. 
  • Deploying tailor-made strategies such as link-building services 
  • Ensuring that your website is technically geared 
  • Optimizing your online profiles with the right image and content 
  • Designing affordable custom SEO packages suitable for your company’s requirements 

How Much Do SEO Agencies in India Charge for Their Services?  

SEO consultant services in India help you reach your business goals through versatile, efficient, customized, and timely services.  

An SEO company in India with proven experience charges between $500 to $1500 per month.  

Expect to pay an hourly rate between $35 and $70 for higher-quality search engine optimization. 

How to Find the Right India SEO Services for Your Business?  

Finding a long-lasting SEO agency in India means having the possibility of transparent business practices. The agency that has a successful track record will increase your sales through their already tested strategic approach and help you with the following: 

Benchmarking current lead generation 

  • Tracking success 
  • Identifying areas for improvement 
  • Evaluate CTA, landing page visitors, etc. 

Our experts can convert the derived data into insights and help you attain your project’s goals. 

Whether it is a local SEO or product listing optimization, firms that your company collaborates with can work on many types of SEO strategies according to your industry’s specified needs: 

  • Experienced industry experts: An experienced team allows your company to have a precise forecast of the impact of new strategies and implement them quickly. 
  • Personalized digital experience: A custom-made campaign helps us assist your enterprise in following the project’s size and budget. 
  • Performance-driven strategies: The agency’s performance and target-driven SEO services can create an easier path for you to achieve your goals. 
  • Target-driven marketing services: With extensive research and data analysis, the team is oriented toward delivering the right message to the target audience. 

Consider that the chosen SEO company in India has to be able to provide you with the following results: 

Result #1: Attracting New Clients 

SEO companies let you attract new customers with up-to-date SEO strategies. The agency you are planning to hire must understand your previous portfolio. This is important for them to have a complete outlook on what to do to keep the previous clients. 

Result #2: High-quality Lead Generation 

The SEO agency in India will significantly support you in generating leads by accelerating your reach rate and target market on a global scale.  

Result #3: Continuous Monitoring 

Continuous monitoring of the planned approach means ensuring the best return on investments (ROI) in the expected time. This means an in-detail analysis of various measuring criteria defined by your project’s requirements. 

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10 Questions to Ask When Interviewing an SEO Consultant in India  

Question #1: Does Your Agency Specialize in Any Other Services?

The SEO agency in India you choose to collaborate with should specialize in at least one more service apart from search engine optimization. Some of those services are the following: 

  • Social media marketing 
  • Influencer marketing 
  • Reputation management 
  • Display advertising 
  • Email marketing 
  • Content marketing 

Question #2: Which Software, Platforms, and Frameworks Do You Support?

The firm that you are planning to hire should have a pool of developers who are in tune with the SEO strategy which will be implemented for your project. The team should be able to cover the following: 

  • Platforms (Firebase, Docker, Heroku, Azure) 
  • Frameworks (AngularJS, NGRX) 
  • Version control (GitHub, Bitbucket, Gitlab) 

Question #3: What Do You Need From Our Company To Create Effective Results?

Search engine optimization companies in India should respond to this question with a list of requests and needs. They will also need to know which platforms you use affect your content and how. To conduct work effectively, the agency will need detailed information about you: 

  • Audience 
  • Industry 
  • Goals 
  • KPIs 

Question #4: What Does Your Website Audit Include?

Website audit, apart from the SEO audit report, should also include elements of the following: 

  • Overview Report: Listing the high-level errors associated with the website’s unstructured data and poor design of XML sitemap.  
  • Priority Scorecard: Evaluating and visualizing the extent of resources for fixing errors. 
  • UI/UX Report: User experience audits should bring data-driven changes to your company’s website. 
  • Full Audit Analysis: Analyzing documentation issues that contain a summary statement and providing solutions. 

Question #5: Do You Cover Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management helps you build a proactive brand with better customer relationships, creating a solid, and impactful reputation for your business. In the process, the agency should include the following: 

  • Building a PR campaign 
  • Tracking harmful content 
  • Removing defamatory content 
  • Optimizing all social media accounts 

Question #6: Do You Use Strategies Aside From SEO for Auditing Websites?

Auditing the source of outreach and online traffic gives your company the desired results. This includes areas such as: 

  • Email marketing 
  • Live chat 
  • Social media 
  • Blog posts 
  • And more 

Question #7: What Metrics Do You Define as “Success” in an SEO Campaign?

The success metrics stem from what success means for the agency you are interviewing but should always be based on your business goals. SEO companies in India will build the plans around your company’s goals.  

Strategies such as keyword optimization or content creation work well for increasing traffic. If you want more local traffic, the agency may recommend optimizing your local business profiles on review sites. 

Question #8: How Do You Conduct Keyword Research?

Keyword research requires effort and understanding of user intent. It seeks the user’s information when searching the keyword phrase. As you are interviewing the prospective firm, make sure they talk about the user intent and methodologies used to determine that exact keyword intent. 

If the entire conversation revolves around the number of searches for a keyword, they likely work on outdated practices. 

Question #9: How Do You Approach the Link-building Process?

One high-quality link from a credible site is much more effective than tens of low-quality links. The agency should focus on building quality over a large number of links. It is like link-earning, where high-quality content organically drives incoming links, especially in relationship-building. 

Question #10: How Does a Progress Report Look Like?

Ask for a sample of a report created for a previous client to ensure a valid method for reporting progress toward your goals. See how the agency would customize the progress report to your unique KPIs. 

Takeaways On SEO Companies in India 

In a nutshell, here are the benefits you can get by seeking India SEO services: 

  • Having a complete website analysis and online reputation management 
  • Getting a more extensive set of audience  
  • Ranking higher on search engine 
  • Converting visitors into customers 
  • Generating higher sales for your business 
  • Having comprehensive reports on the campaign 

SEO consultants in India can offer customized solutions to increase your brand’s visibility. They should have experts in every niche, and this includes: 

  • Website Design 
  • Content Creation 
  • Ad Campaigning 
  • Social Media Marketing 

When searching for a business partner that matches your needs, remember that you can filter our list of SEO agencies in India by reviews, budget, hourly rate, and more! 

Best of luck!


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