Akler App design by Rocketech

The Efficient UX/UI Design Of Akler’s App Keeps Users Motivated To Learn On A Daily Basis

Akler is an iOS language-learning app that focuses on improving users’ vocabulary.

It was developed and designed by Rocketech, a Moscow-based software development company with offices in Europe, Asia and the US.

Rocketech’s scope of work on this app included UX/UI design, backend and frontend development and the creation of custom illustrations.

The app provides a choice of six languages: English, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian and German. It contains over 5,000 words and phrases, along with their translations to the user’s native language.

The main purpose of the app is to help users acquire and retain the knowledge of new words on their own terms and according to their daily itinerary.

To make this possible, when the user launches the Akler app for the first time, the interface lets them choose how many words of a specific language they would like to learn each day (they can edit this daily goal in their Account settings later on).

The app then customizes courses according to their answer and creates a personalized program that allows learning at a comfortable pace. By implementing this level of customization, mobile app designers empower users to tailor their learning experience to their personal goals.

Akler app design

The Lightweight Nature Of Akler’s App Design Enables Seamless Browsing Through Categories & Lessons

Thousands of words and phrases from any of the six languages are organized into 13 general categories, 26 phrase categories and 80 separate topics.

The user chooses the categories they want to learn from and the app generates a vocabulary study plan based on the user’s daily word goal and selected topics.

This amount of data is likely to result in a sluggish app with slow processing times that would undoubtfully cause a major user abandonment rate.

However, Rocketech managed to keep it all as lightweight and fast-moving as possible. They did it by developing a scalable architecture that allows the expansion of vocabulary and even the addition of new languages in future releases.

What is even more impressive is that Akler’s app design includes learning retention tools to help users memorize the words, like examples of word usage and audio pronunciation of words. Even these features do not compromise the app’s fluidity and fast-paced nature.

To top off the learning experience, a four-step exam that puts the user’s knowledge to the test comes at the end of each lesson.

Colorful Images And Eye-Candy Illustrations Lend A Distinctive Personality To The App Design

In total, there are over 120 different screens for each language and four iterations of design. This required Rocketech to be at the top of their game when coming up with visuals.

Custom and unique illustrations provide a dash of distinctive character to Akler’s app design. They make the app instantly recognizable in a sea of similar options in the App Store.

Colorful vectors complement the app’s frugal and austere UI suitably. Vibrant colors and cheerful graphics illustrate the phrase categories, lesson loading screens and the user’s personal stats and achievements. This exemplifies how branding services can transform a functional interface into a visually stimulating and interactive platform.

The app buttons match the artwork’s playfulness with their rounded edges that give them a certain laid-back charm.

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Akler app

App Users Monitor Their Performance With Handy Graphs

Akler’s app navigation on the main screen (once the user launches the app) is located at the bottom of the screen and consists of several vital pages within the app.

One of these is the user’s Account page where, among other things, they can keep track of their overall progress under the Stats section.

Alker collects stats on each user’s daily performance and turns them into easy-to-understand and eye-pleasing graphs and charts.

It’s worth noting that users can switch between learning words or phrases on this same main screen with the simple tap of a finger. They can also track their weekly progress and look at the lessons from previous days by tapping the days at the top.

The Minimal Design Of Akler’s App Learning Interface Prevents Distractions

When it comes to the actual lessons and learning sessions, Akler’s app interface design assumes a very basic and function-oriented layout.

The unadorned appearance of this crucial section of the app helps with the user’s attention span. Gone are the whimsical illustrations and vivid hues — instead, ample amounts of white space and clear, contrasting typography take charge.

As the user advances through the lesson, a progress bar at the top fills with purple color. The user can either choose between various answer options or type using the on-screen keyboard to check their spelling and writing.

Akler smartphone app design

Akler’s App Design Artwork And Knowledge Retention Tools Engage Users On Their Way To Language Proficiency

Akler’s app design is the whole package: the aesthetics, the user-friendliness, the comprehensive language courses... Everything a user needs to quickly grasp the basics of a new language.

The app promises to deliver “efficient learning based on space repetition system” and it activates user’s memory channels by “drilling them on the words in a number of ways.”

Design is one of the key considerations when it comes to knowledge retention. It can either be a hindrance or an aid in the learning process.

By keeping the layout simple, clear and, above all, fast, Rockentech was able to create a language learning app with an appearance that begets its function and purpose.

The developer explains the initial challenge of Akler app design & development like this:

“We had two goals for the project: 1. Design the app in a way that would prevent the learning curve from seeming overwhelming or boring. 2. Figure out the architecture that would allow adding the unlimited amount of new languages and scale the app on the fly.”

Have they succeeded? A 4.9 rating on App Store and thousands of downloads says they did.

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