CabFare Clean App Design

With competition like Uber and Lyft, cabs have been facing a technological threat that needs to be answered. Enter: CabFare. This services fulfills the step forward that the taxi industry needed to take in the face of growing competition.

CabFare Minimal App Design

The app design is very clean and easy to use for both riders and drivers. Through the app, users can see their trip duration, status, and fare. They can pay and tip their driver by using the app. Everything is quick and seamless, which offers an ideal user experience for a quick financial transaction that shouldn’t take longer than a few seconds.

CabFare Simple App Design

The typography in the app is very easy to read. Again, the entire goal of the program is to streamline the payment process at the end of a cab ride. Drivers want to move on to their next fare, and customers want to get to their destination.

CabFare Clean App Design

Thegreen color, combined with the black, white, and gray shades, makes the app appear very sleek without adding too much detail that could confuse users. The main emphasis in this design is on a smooth, seamless user experience. The fact that the app looks great is a nice bonus.

CabFare is a technological solution to rising competition. The app offers the same simplicity and quality user experience as apps like Uber. Rather than sit back and lose market share, cab companies are adopting CabFare to bring their business and their customer experience into the 21st century.

CabFare is a clean app design in the professional services and travel industries.