FreeDee Innovative App Design

FreeDee makes 3D controlling feel intuitive and natural. The app is used in conjunction with a computer running a 3D program. The object on the computer screen is aligned with the position of the smartphone, which allows the user to control the object with natural movements of the device.

The app is simple and clean, which a very important design choice. After all, the bulk of what we want to be looking at is on the computer screen, not the smartphone screen. The smartphone naturally feels like an extension of the computer program, which is no small design feat.

FreeDee App Design

White lines cross the black background, giving a feeling that the user is looking at a portion of the 3D mapping surface. Small letters denote the various quadrants of the app without taking away from where the user’s attention should be: on the computer.

The designers of the FreeDee app had an interesting job. Essentially, they wanted their app to be unnoticeable; it had to blend into the larger experience occurring around it. That may seem simple, but it’s easier said than done. The final result is a refined, simple, and easy-to-use app that accomplishes its goal.

FreeDee is an innovative app design in the Engineering and Technology industries.