Detour Clean App Design

Detour is an innovative app that gives users access to audio walking tours in many different US and international cities. Through the app users can download audio tours (for a small fee, usually $5-10 per tour) which they can then follow along with as they discover new areas of their own city, or explore a new city for the first time.

Upon opening a specific tour, users are shown video of locations from the tour, as well as a sample of the audio from the tour. Many tours are narrated by influential figures with connections to the neighborhoods they cover. For example, Ken Burns narrates the Brooklyn Bridge tour.

The app is easy to navigate, with a straightforward card-based design that makes it easy to scroll through different tours within a city, as well as top cities, iconic places, notable narrators, and more. Within each city, a map view is available to give users an overview of all the different tours offered in that city. Users can save tours to access later, and also access their purchased tours and unwalked tours from the icon menu at the bottom of the screen. Users can also create their own tours, though this feature is not available directly through the app, which redirects the user to the mobile version of the Detour site.

The design of the app is defined by its use of photograph and video. High-quality imagery of each location is used to represent and identify each tour, while iconic landmarks are used to exemplify specific cities. The photography pops against the white background of the app and the lightweight grey typography. A light aquamarine accent color is used to highlight calls-to-action and to orient the user within the navigation of the app.  

Detour is a best app design in the hospitality and travel industries.