LIVESTRONG My Quit Coach Motivational App Design

Everyone who’s ever tried to quit smoking, or who knows someone who has, knows that it’s an uphill battle. When trying to kick the habit for good, it’s essential to have support.

LIVESTRONG’s My Quit Coach app is designed to act as a support system and to help users quit for good by offering customized plans for quitting.

When the user loads the app for the first time, they’re prompted to answer a series of questions, including how much their cigarettes cost, how many they smoke per day, and how soon they want to quit. This information is used to customize the app experience.

On the home screen the user has access to an overview of their stats, including how many times they’ve smoked during the quit period, how many times they’ve craved a cigarette, and how much money they’ve saved since they quit.

Two buttons at the bottom of the screen allow the user to indicate whether they smoked or whether they’re craving.

These help keep users accountable and aware of their progress. If the user selects “I’m craving” the app generates a motivational message designed to help them resist.

For users who need even more motivation, there’s a community feature built into the app as well where they can connect with others going through the same experience.

The LIVESTRONG My Quit Coach app is a powerful and handy resource for anyone trying to give up smoking for good. The elegant design and intuitive information input make using the app easy, which means it’s more likely users will stick with it for the long haul.

The LIVESTRONG My Quit Coach is a motivational app design in the Medical & Pharmacy industry.

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