Yogi-Go Fitness App Design

Yogi-Go Fitness App Helps Travelers Stay in Shape Anytime, Anywhere

Many think that keeping a workout routine while traveling is nearly impossible. Without access to your usual gym, it could be tempting to remain sedentary until you return to familiar territory.

But not when you have Yogi-Go Fitness installed. This mobile app, designed by SEM Nexus, encourages gym and yoga enthusiasts (even those new to working out) to stay fit and healthy while traveling. Access to the app means access to professional trainers, too!

If you’re trying to stay in shape despite a hectic schedule, Yogi-Go Fitness is the perfect companion on the road. Download the app on your phone and start browsing profiles of Yogis and Workout Trainers from the comfort of your home or wherever you are – literally.

The app's extensive location data helps you find professional instructors that will give you workout routines suited to your body type and goals.

With Yogi-Go Fitness App, you won't have to skip leg day even during your travels! Staying healthy shouldn't be hindered by distance, after all.

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Yogi-Go Fitness’ In-App Chat Feature Fosters Trust Between Trainers and Users

Since the primary goal of the agency and the brand is to connect clients with the right fitness coach or trainer, the communication process should be seamless.

And to do that, the agency added an in-app chat. The feature opens a safe space for both clients and trainers where they can discuss workout routines and fitness service requests prior to meeting each other.

Also, adding the in-app chat feature is a powerful move for the brand because of two reasons: one, it helps simplify communication, and two, it fosters trust and comfort between parties.

Online scheduling is one of the wonders of the app as well. With Yogi-Go Fitness, you can get full reign of your sessions. The app features a calendar view of your selected trainer's monthly schedule and lets you book a workout session with them. After setting the schedule, the trainer will confirm and meet with you at your preferred location.

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Superb user interface

SEM Nexus’s App Design for Yogi-Go Fitness Offers Superb User Experience Through Iconography and Color Story

The app design and development collaboration between SEM Nexus and Yogi-Go Fitness is a perfect match!

The agency combined a friendly color palette and visually appealing icons to create a UI/UX design that is clear, simple and easy to navigate.

The app design embraces a bright blue and orange theme. Most CTAs are in gradient blue, a subtle texture that attracts users' attention. Since gradients give off the illusion of a 3D element, these CTAs sit well in the app's dark background.

The icons in this app design deserve applause, too! Each icon effectively represents a unique function because of its straightforward design.

Ultimately, navigating the app is a breeze thanks to a well-executed user interface and user experience foundations.

Top-Notch Technology Puts Yogi-Go Fitness Ahead of the Workout Apps Preferred Today

Payment security is an immediate concern when dealing with online transfers. Thankfully, the app developers left no stone unturned in this area. Yogi-Go Fitness app implements payment features that ensure all transactions are safe from any threat.

Client payments and trainer payouts are all protected with state-of-the-art technology. While the in-app chat feature, which contains sensitive and personal information, remains secure and kept private.

Another feature that stole our attention is the two-way star rating. This rating system is designed to benefit clients and trainers by giving them a chance to review each other after a session.

While clients rely on first-hand reviews from fellow fitness buffs when choosing their coach, trainers can utilize these reviews to get a better sense of the community and what potential users might demand.

Overall, this app design by SEM Nexus sets the standard in the fitness app market. With high regard for user experience, security and safe communication space, the Yogi-Go Fitness app is a solid choice for the fitness enthusiast.

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