Quit Genius Stunning App Design

Everyone who’s ever tried to quit smoking knows that it can be a grueling and isolating process. But in the age of digital technology and our “there’s an app for that” culture, quitting smoking doesn’t have to be quite such a lonely endeavor anymore.

Quit Genius is a quit smoking app that promises to help smokers quit smoking for good through scientifically proven methodology. The Quit Genius app offers: “A personalized journey of animated videos, audio sessions and interactive exercises to help you reflect and overcome your smoking triggers.”

On launching Quit Genius for the first time, users are introduced to the app design through a quick onboarding process and asked to indicate their state of mind about quitting (eg; I want to quit vs. I’m thinking about quitting). This information is used to customize the app experience.

The app asks users to complete a handful of simple tasks each day. These tasks are presented in a timeline, representing the user’s progression in the quitting process. The app also features a toolbox of coping mechanisms to help users overcome the challenges that come with quitting. These coping mechanisms include audio meditations focused on a theme or idea. Users can of course also track the times they have smoked, indicating their mood and circumstances to allow them to better identify patterns of behavior.   `

Quit Genius has a friendly app design aesthetic that uses custom illustrations to add visual interest to the app. These illustrations -- and the matter-of-fact tone of the content -- make Quit Genius feel approachable and welcoming without being trivial or patronizing. It’s the perfect tone to strike given the app’s purpose.

Quit Genius is a stunning app design in the Medical & Pharmacy industry

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