Hiking Project Modern App Design

Hiking Project is an app created by REI, an outdoor clothing and gear retailer. With the Hiking Project app users can explore great hikes in their area, and learn all the info they need to know about a specific hike before they go. Downloaded maps allow users to navigate the trail even in remote locations, as many hikes often are.

On launch, the app uses the user’s current location to determine their geographic area, giving them the option to either explore a map of their surroundings, or find the best hikes in their region. Users can also opt to download information for other areas outside of their immediate vicinity.

Selecting the link for the best hikes in the area will take users to a page listing featured hikes, “Gems”, and a collection of photos of hikes nearby. Each hike has an overview page which contextualizes the hike within a broader map view and includes a photo of a location on the route of the hike. An average rating is also shown, as designated on a scale of 1-5 stars, as well as a categorization of the difficulty of the hike. Users can tap the name of the hike to bring up more detailed information, including an in-depth description, notes on access, and details about family accessibility. Users can check-in to the hike, add it to their to-do list, rate it, or share it with others.

The design of the Hiking Project app is modern, yet entirely in keeping with its purpose. The great use of photography keeps the app feeling very much in tune with the natural beauty that is part of the hiking experience. Hike overviews provide tons of useful information in an easily digestible format, and the incorporation of user generated content like review and photos keeps it relevant and up-to-date.

Hiking Project is a modern app design in the Entertainment and Sports & Leisure industries.