SNOCRU Modern App Design

SNOCRU is a ski and snowboard tracking app that gives users access to tons of stats about their performance and accomplishments on the slopes. Outside of just tracking, the app allows users to ski with friends and to challenge others to friendly competitions.

The app orients users to the experience by taking them through a brief, three-step onboarding process upon first open the app. The onboarding process introduces users to the most important features of the app, helping to ensure they get the most benefits from the experience. The onboarding is designed with a series of playful, custom illustrations.

From there, the app will use the user’s GPS location to bring up mountains in their vicinity. Users can also search and select a ski resort to get a summary of the latest conditions, including temperature, base snow cover, and any snow that’s fallen that day. Resort pages also give users access to trail maps and SNOCRU leaderboards.

Once on the slopes, SNOCRU’s main function kicks into gear. The app allows users to track their runs and get detailed stats about their day and overall performance. Users can also create a “DAYCRU,” which is a collection of friends, so the group can ski together and easily keep track of one another’s location without the hassle of back and forth texts and calls.

Navigation of the SNOCRU app is simple, with a tabbed iconographical menu at the bottom of the screen. Tracking is easily accessible through a large button in the middle, so starting a new run is no problem -- even on the slopes.

SNOCRU is a modern app design in the Sports & Leisure industry.

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