Twain News Clean Menu Design

The way we consume news seems to be changing all the time. Newspapers are dying. Cable news is dying. Even some news websites are having trouble keeping up with the times. That’s what makes Twain News so exciting. The news app of the future exhibits the perfect design and layout.

Twain News Minimal App Design

Using a minimalist, clean design with photos and bold, white text makes browsing the news easy and intuitive. There are top trending stories and larger categories that users can select to expand. This layout makes it effortless to scroll through the app and find stories that interest you. There is so much news to consume and only a limited amount of time to consume it.

Twain News Simple App Design

With Twain News, the emphasis has been placed on the user experience, and their clean design helps to achieve a smooth browsing experience. Eye-catching text on top of large, detailed photos makes checking news updates instinctive and painless. Twain News could be the next revolution in news by making it simple and fun to read again.