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Emerest’s Logo Design Highlights Its Dedication To Health And Patient Care

Emerest is a home health agency dedicated to providing individuals with the best healthcare that they can give. This patient-first health agency is based in Brooklyn, New York with additional locations in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Missouri.

Emerest strives to give its patients peace of mind through high-quality healthcare. Their approach is personal and strong, tending to each patient based on their specific needs and coming up with a plan that best fits them.

They want to give their patients comfort and assurance. In a world where healthcare is becoming increasingly more corporate, Emerest aims to hold onto that personal connection to lessen the worries of their patients.

Compassion, competence, teamwork, and innovation are their guiding principles. Their caregivers are caring, honest and passionate about the work they do. This means that they will be able to offer you or your loved one the attention and care that they deserve.

They also stress the importance of working as a professional team. Their caregivers are heavily screened to ensure only the most qualified help can be given. And their team works as one, all passionate and dedicated to the cause at hand.

Emerest is constantly innovating and growing, utilizing technology and techniques that are cutting edge and exceptional. They believe that their patients deserve the best, and are willing to go above and beyond to give it to them.

So to embody these goals and objectives, Emerest needed to create a logo that emphasizes their strength, care, and compassion. The result was powerful.

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The Emerest Modern Logo Design Uses Powerful Elements To Stand Strong

The Emerest logo is made up of a collection of lowercase “Es” arranged in a wreath-like pattern. This design uses a deep crimson red as its main color, with the Emerest wordmark in bold, black, sans-serif font underneath.

It’s a simple, modern and clean logo design that exudes strength, power, and authenticity. The deep red of the logo design is powerful and captivating, giving off a very medical vibe with its similarity to the color of blood.

The big, bold wordmark stands strong and resolute. It’s unyielding and unwavering. It’s a strong symbol that emphasizes authenticity and authority. It makes people want to trust them implicitly.

And the design itself, while minimal and modern, has an edge of fun to it. It’s soft and rounded which is immediately engaging and approachable. It’s creative and cool, which gives you a positive feeling about the brand and its identity. This is a company that cares. This is a company that has a personality. THey’re real people, not just a corporate entity.

This is a very simple, clean and effective logo design that hits all the marks and speaks directly to its target audience.

The Move Towards Minimalism And Modernity In Logo Design

One of the biggest trends in design in 2018 has been the minimalist trend. There has been a growing interest in geometric lines and shapes, simple colors and clean designs. This can be seen from interior design to website design and everywhere in between.

In this day and age, less is certainly more. And the sooner brands jump on the bandwagon, the better off they’ll be.

Minimalism came onto the scene in the 1960s and 1970s in the American art scene and has since become one of the most popular trends in design. Some say it was in opposition to the overly eccentric and elaborate designs of the past. Either way, it’s here and it’s here to stay.

Minimalism in design means simplicity. It means clean and clear designs that aren’t disorganized or chaotic. There aren’t too many moving parts. It’s sleek and subtle and pleasing to the eye. There is little depth, little movement, and little color. Minimalism is about stripping away the unnecessary in favor of the essential.

And this logo design for Emerest certainly hits the mark.

Emerest Logo Cup

Emerest’s Simple Logo Design Takes Advantage Of Minimalist Trends

Emerest’s logo design is simple, clean and fun.

Emerest stripped away unnecessary design elements in favor of a clear design that reached its target audience effectively. There are soft lines, simple shapes and limited colors which make for a modern and appealing logo design.

This logo incorporates a pop of deep red color to add personality and a human element to its design. Its logo is made up up a circle of “Es” that call to the company’s name and add a playful edge to the modern design. But the wordmark stands strong and unwavering with its bold, uppercase, sans-serif font.

There’s no denying the folks at Emerest are experts in their field, and their logo design proves it.