Freeza logo design

Freeza Logo Design Captures Attention With Clever Monogram That Reveals The Brand’s Mission And Origin

Freeza is a Belarusian manufacturer of thermal insulation coatings and glass doors systems for commercial refrigeration equipment, operating since 2011.

To showcase their growth over the past decade and to lead their rebranding efforts, the company employed Moloko — a creative agency with offices in Belarus and Florida.

The focus of the rebrand is the Freeza logo design. Moloko didn’t pull any punches and fused a few different elements to create a fairly straightforward and memorable corporate emblem that reveals a lot about the brand’s backstory.

At first glance, the eye-catching monogram part of the logo brings the famous Bluetooth symbol to mind — and for a good reason, as they share a rather similar design approach.

The aesthetically pleasing combination of a snowflake and the letter “F” is only the first layer that visually informs viewers about the company’s mission.

Moloko’s approach to Freeza logo design is the amalgamation of contemporary geometric practices and the rich local tradition, mainly the Belarusian ornament pattern philosophy (also present on the national flag), that goes back centuries.

This intelligent melding of different symbols (the three main pillars of Freeza’s brand: traditional origin, visual presentation of UVP and the capital letter F) doesn’t take away anything from the logo’s minimalist, typographic totality. In fact, that is the reason why it effortlessly stands out in the sea of similar corporate logos.

Appeal in color contrast

Freeza Logo Proves That A Simple Color Palette Combined With Abstract Elements Make An Interesting Branding

"More than meets the eye” must have been the driving force behind Freeza logo design. However, you don’t have to peek behind the “curtain” to see that the monogram perfectly fits on top of the graphical representation of the refrigeration curtain/glass door that is the brand’s main product, as well as its primary symbol.

Showcasing the minimalist depiction of their product as a heraldry shield/background is ingenious, yet subtle enough.

Freeza logo design
Abstract elements conception

When it comes to the color palette, the logo design opts for a two-color combination. As is customary, blue and red are related to cold/warmth but the gradual progression from magenta to orange infuses the logo with a smooth, reflective, pseudo-3D appeal.

These colors are generally used in other aspects of business collaterals (such as business cards, calendars and the like), but can also be used as a background for the all-white logo variant.

Applicable for a variety of media

Freeza Logo Design Is A Good Example Of A Logo That Fits A Variety Of Different Media

Freeza logo design is applicable to a wide array of business collaterals. Multiple versions of the logo can be used in different settings and media, whether it’s the website, promotional material, and more. Versatility - that's what branding professionals strive for when creating a visual identity that can adapt to various platforms and communication channels.

There is the horizontal, standard two-color logo, its white/negative counterpart, as well as two variants of the vertical version, with the company name on top of the emphasized monogram part of the logo.

The logo can be split into two parts where the icon version, sans the brand name, can be used separately.

All of these iterations of the logo are applicable to a range of printed and online documents and media, such as business cards, letterheads, digital PDFs, whitepapers, invoices, digital banners, ads and more.

Despite the abundance of different representation options, the Freeza logo design maintains its consistency across different platforms/media.

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Freeza Logo Design Unifies Contemporary & Traditional Symbols To Mark A Lasting Brand (slide 4)

Freeza Shows How To Communicate A Brand Message Using Modern And Minimal Typography

Even though the icon triggers the majority of user attention, the Freeza logo also boasts a stylized sans-serif font, which lends a contemporary, clean and simple aesthetic to the brand.

Although it is custom-made, the resulting typeface isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel. The slight shifts of the bold font, its curvature and the juncture of the two letters “e,” make the whole logo seem less cold (no pun intended) and corporate. These details evoke a sense of craftsmanship, especially considering the tagline built into the logo.

As Moloko puts it:

“When we switched to the corporate identity, the main task was to preserve what we had developed, enhancing the identity with the meanings that are relevant for the company.”

“European Quality, Italian Design” uses a clever vocabulary choice or rather clever, trust-building association.

Adding to the company’s Belarusian roots, the attribute “European” marks the definition of quality that spans beyond CIS states, while “Italian” is often interchangeable with “fashionable” and/or “sophisticated."

Unity in Trinity

Freeza Logo Design Strikes The Balance Between Simplicity And Nuanced Multilayered Context

Visually speaking, Freeza logo design seems straightforward. However, it packs an attention-grabbing, multilayered symbolism.

The use of minimal font style shifts the focus to remain to the underlying object, the monogram itself, rather than the flourishes of the design. The effect is a nearly timeless design that stands on its own even when design trends change (and they are bound to).

The unification of contrasting philosophies is their secret. Whether it’s fusing tradition with contemporary or mixing blues and reds, that contrast is seamless. It shows how professional logo designers can skillfully blend disparate elements to create visually compelling and harmonious brand identities!

The unfading and universal nature of the Freeza logo design results in a great business branding experience that is also highly functional. It serves its purpose in both digital and physical environments, while working well on its own (outside the context of a website/product/promotional media) and standing out even at a first glance. A true deserving winner of a Best Design Award!

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