Adams Together in Music logo design vs Adams original logo design

Adams Adds A Touch Of Contemporary To Its Rich History For The Together In Music Logo Design

For over fifty years, The Netherlands’ Adams Musical Instruments continued to grow because of their ongoing partnership with professional and amateur musicians.

Demonstrating passion, unceasing commitment to excellence and the “sound of quality,” Adams stepped into the “new 20s” with an updated logo, showcasing its devotion to breaking new grounds while drawing from the rich tradition of crafting superb instruments.

Together In Music logo design represent the visual unification of different eras.

Mindful of the timeless quality of the music and the instruments that carry it through the decades, Crasborn, a Limburg-based graphic design agency, developed a new and updated concept for Adams’s distinct signature.

The resulting logo combines the visual simplicity and recognizability of the enduring global brand with modern aesthetics to highlight its rich legacy and its journey towards the contemporary.

It's a remarkable example of logo designers' expertise in seamlessly blending tradition and innovation, ensuring the brand remains relevant in the ever-changing landscape.

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Adams Together In Music Logo Design Shows How A Trademark Serves As A Unique Quality Seal

The logo design company and its client both hail from a country that has a longstanding musical tradition.

Dutch fanfare orchestra, for example, is a type of brass band consisting of the entire saxophone family – trumpets, trombones, horns and even percussions, all of which are a specialty of Adams’s craft.

The music market is constantly accelerating, so moving and profiling are crucial. In Adams’s case, the key attributes of its Together In Music logo design are character, experience and quality.

It represents the brand’s reassuring rich, warm tone, like a badge of honor for the brand and its target customer.

The Adams logo features an icon that flows from “A” to “S,” placed inside an oval and mounted on a red label.

The Adams logo serves as a seal that stands for brand experience and quality. Supported by the new “Together In Music” tagline, it is the abbreviated transposition of the brand’s mission.

Adams Together In Music Logo Design on instruments

Adams’s Redesigned Logo Applies To Instruments And A Variety Of Media Seamlessly

For a logo to be truly successful, it shouldn’t look appealing only on its own. In fact, it should fit perfectly into a wide variety of media, be it social media banners, PRs, brochures and other types of company media. That's why branding professionals craft logos that can seamlessly integrate into different mediums and maintain their visual impact across various platforms.

When it comes to music-related brands, a logo has one more hurdle to jump over. Since instruments are much more than physical products, the logo’s purpose is to give them a certain degree of character and origin.

Think of renowned brands like Gibson, Roland, Fazioli, etc. The presence of their logos defines more than a specific instrument’s family, but the level of quality, the genre of music and even the very identity of the musicians.

The sheer simplicity and versatility of the Together in Music logo design make it easily applicable to any platform and media. More importantly, it complements the aesthetics of Adams’s instruments.

Its composition of simple elements makes it memorable and recognizable in any environment.

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Adams Together In Music Logo Design stands out

Adams’s Vibrant Color Scheme And Memorable Typeface Pay Homage To The Meticulous World Of Music

The Together In Music logotype contains one saturated shade of magenta and white. The second variant flips the colors, which work just as well, with or without the tagline.

Although the logo design is monochromatic, the color choice offers more meaning than its consistency and flexibility against dark and light backgrounds.

Magenta is commonly associated with tonal harmony and emotional balance. It is the color of cheerfulness and appreciation. It contains the passion, power and energy of red, restrained by the regal and quiet nature of violet.

The typography also comes in two variants. The dominant, highly stylized and original “Adams” logo is complemented splendidly with the Sans Serif, all-caps tagline.

The combination of these two distinctive elements evokes a sense of craftsmanship and exclusivity, but it also establishes openness to meaningful connections through the approachable motto.

Adams Together In Music - disco ball

Adams Together In Music Logo Design Sets The Stage For A New Branding Icon

The Together In Music concept adds another logomark to the branding stage. The rounded letter “A” is comprised of distorted circles that express dynamism, rhythm, individual artists, or groups, all connected through the music.

The icon is representing a contemporary mark that can be used solitary, without using the oval label logo.

The composition of the dots forms the "A" of Adams but it also stands for individual musicians making music together in an orchestra or band.

Besides being a universal symbol that represents totality and timelessness, a circle holds a special place in music theory. It’s known as the “circle of fifths” — a visual representation of the keys we hear in music (starting at the top with the key of C major.)

It comes in several variants (magenta-white or black-white.) Depending on the color choice it almost looks like a disco ball, a visual embodiment of Adams’ international slogan – Together In Music.

The connection of this icon with the main, parent logo adds experience to quality. Both core values are implicit but not lost in any of the logo iterations. As such, Adams’s rebranding concept deserves to be on the list of DesignRush’s Best Logo Designs.

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